Monday, October 30, 2006

Saturday was our 2nd anniversary of being married, 3rd for being engaged, 5th of having met! Hoo boy, does this date ever bring up a bunch of feelings and emotions! (I'm also including some photos of the good-luck sugar scuttle here too as a tie in!) Some very good memories, some not-so-good ones and also a bit sad as well, since it was supposed to have been the day I would have my wedding.

No, that's not a typo. Due to visa, travel and importing the dogs, we had to hurry and get married to avoid my visa expiring. We figured the next year on our anniversary we'd hold the proper wedding. Of course then I went and got preggers and 28th last yearLaurent was 13 days old. Still last year it was insanely happy as I soaked up all that lovely newborn babyness! Especially as there'd been concern I might not be able to have a child. Plus who can argue with the cuteness of a 1 year old ring bearer being pulled in a wagon by my lovely Aussie! Unfortunately, for reasons I won't bore everyone with that didn't happen and while I could put it back to NEXT year, it doesn't feel right. The time for that has passed yk?

So that's that. Allowed myself a good cry at the time I would have been walking down the aisle. Thought about the dress I designed from scratch, chose the fabrics for, made the pattern for, even did a mock-up of at one point... and never got to make. It really was beautiful. I'll scan and post a photo later.

Now that sounds like I had a really crap day. But it really was a small part of the day and I've made my peace with it. Felt better after I got it all out and spent the rest of the day admiring my child trying to toddle about, boxing things up, and looked at houses! We looked at a GORGEOUS place in Box Hill South. It's as big as you're likely to get in this area landwise... couldn't have sheep of course, but could have a few ducks to herd. It's even got a special area fenced off for the dogs to play agility in (non-standard course) and a seperate work shop which I could hold small training classes in eventually. But it's listed at $600K, which means mid 600's plus stamp tax. We're likely to get about $575-600 out of this place, approved for a $50K loan and have about $40K which we'd thought of investing but COULD possibly use for this buuuutt... there's still what $36K stamp duty, and real estate agent fees and legal fees for drawing up papers. But it IS gorgeous and I could see us staying there long term.

Drove around a few of the other areas trying to get a "feel" for the neighborhoods, some of them were okay, some of them not so much. Hm. Nothing really jumped out and wowed me.

So then we drove out Belgrave way, as in Amanda's fantasy world, I'd love to move there. (Still love Woodend more but that'll probably never happen. *sigh*)

Now for cute pictures! First, is Laurent next to the birds cage, looking at our tomatos and basil. :-)
Finished the night off with new pictures of Hope and found out that eye clearances were perfect annnd she's coming home on the Vic Speciality on the 4th!!! WHOO HOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!
(NB: Blogger is being sucky about photos, will put them up later!) For anyone new, Hope is "Cuebiyar Cross My Heart" by BISS Thornapple Sub Zero (imp USA), out of Am/Can/Aust CH. McMatt's Lovely Lily (imp USA)

Downside: missed out on herding because Nic had Saturday booked and Sunday missed our first Croyden class when the police said a black car was being looked for and held us up till 10:00! Argh! MURPHY: TAKE A FLYING LEAP!!!!

This one is Bubby Lala with Bijoux. And if Bijoux looks a bit rough around the edges it's because he's actually Nic's from when he was little! :-) Excuse the mess, we're packing everything up at the moment!

Also had to put up some pics of Bubby Lala enjoying the pork noodle soup! He was pretty fascinated with chopsticks as per usual so we let him have a go at using them himself!

Heh. Well, it's a start anyhow!

I also (while still trying to figure out how to load the video to youtube with the formatting issue thingie, managed to get still captures off the video!
(notice how her raised forleg is the same side as my raised back-stepping leg... just starting this and it looks a lot nicer on here than it is in real life!
This is actually part of the 4 leaf clover leg weaving/twirling trick we've got. Simple but neat-o!
Just some front heeling.
And this is just the little miss looking out from under the gate when we went shopping and *gasp* left WITHOUT THE DOG!!!


Sif said...

Oh, well, see, Box Hill south would be NICE AND CLOSE!!! Especially seeing as we'd be moving there ourselves in another year and bit to be closer to the boys' school (assuming they don't HATE it and want out before then)...

Anonymous said...

OOooh LOOK at that Belgrave one though! OMFG that place is fricken AWESOME!!! :O The Box Hill one looks lovely though and close to pg ;) And close to the school Sif's kids are going to, which looks good if you decide you cant/dont want to afford to pay Preshil's fees. Belgrave and Box Hill South are about the same disatnce as each other from my house, so either is fine with me (cos you NEED MY permission right ;) )

Anonymous said...

Both houses are AWESOME... In all honesty - Belgrave/monbulk area isn't THAT seedy - and if you are willing to drive around 20 mins to drop L off at school, you will be able to find some good ones (at least they were good 4yrs ago when I was there *g*). I know that there are a few places in Ring/ Croydon that have schools that consistently get good rankings 'all round' when compared to others - but of course nothing compared to Xavier or anything like that. I REALLY like the belgrave house! LOL! Ah - and darn Murphy again - I was going to be your instructor at Croydon (hahahaha) but couldn't coz of the trial! First puppy class on the 12th - when we return after cup day! Love the pics of you and Si - you'll have to teach me the mooves :P - can you get her to walk 'back' between your legs and come into heel yet? I love the look of that! I really should join up classes but I just DONT have time *sigh*!

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