Tuesday, October 24, 2006

I'd been waiting for this one to put up flowers with baited breath! It's "Bronzette Star" and isn't it gorgeous! Look at the colours! YUM! The new flowers are almost black-briquette before they bloom but they turn into this gorgeous riot of colours!

And non-flower...
Cade looking pretty swish in his new purple tracking harness. He was pretty excited as wearing it means I've laid a track and articles which means YUMMY COOKIES FOR CADE!!! (That's the important part, the cookies!)

Today was a rough start after a long night but a goodish day overall. Ended up late to meet our financial advisor to decide where to put what percentages of the money that's floating in holding pattern after maturing. I hate being late! *sigh* Watched the auction I was going to go to the viewing for the other day. Some nice stuff, was disappointed in the quality of the hall stand, as it looked nicer in the photo I saw! Saw a pretty Victorian Sugar Scuttle. Chatted with an art fellow regarding the Mavro's, Allaurd's and Testevuide's. Need to take care of removing the antique fireplace mantels which we're keeping and putting in regular onFreestyle with the fuzzy red dog and had fun as always there. Came home and FLOMPED!

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