Thursday, October 19, 2006

Little Bunny Lala finds water-melon and watery bliss

Since the moment he discovered watermelon he has been a complete addict! I can't eat any without him being at my leg, insisting "yum yum YUM!" to indicate he'd like some. (Subtle this one... not!) I happen to really like it as well and wouldn't mind eatting SOME of it when I cut a slice for myself! On the other hand, he's so adorable when he eats a huge slice, big as a dinner plate, complete with big lip smacking sounds, a satisfied sigh of bliss and a big ol' BURP at the end. ;-)

The other thing I've decided is that we really need to get him a proper wading pool! He's way too interested in the dog's water dish! O_O

"Is there any left for me?"

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