Wednesday, October 18, 2006

*cluck cluck cluck*

Remember when I said I'd be okay if I only had one kid? I LIED!

I wanna 'nother bubba! It doesn't help that my evil, lying, demented hormones are whispering how nice it would be to be preggie again (I spent my whole pregnancy threatening to spay myself the second he was born... I was miserable, flat-on-my-back sick the whole time!), how wonderful and fun it would be to have a newborn (with Laurent just having turned 1 yr old, schyearight) and gee wiz, newborns are pretty easy after all seeing as how they sleep all the time. (Huh?!? Nuh uh, I spent most of L's first months getting less than 2-4 hours sleep a night!)

All I can say is it's a bloody good thing I'm getting a puppy soon, soak up some of this broodiness!!! ;-)

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