Friday, October 13, 2006

Hope is cute and Murphy SUCKS...

First the cute... then the gripe.

So here's my cuteness... Hope at 5 weeks old, turning into a real little fuzzball! Good heavens, she's got feathering already!!! O_O Her breeder was pretty flat out gearing up for the specialty tomorrow so pics were a bit more limited this week wowza would you look at that coat!

Now for the gripe.

Anyone who has known me long has probably heard me grumble at Murphy at one point or mutter about being Murphy's favorite person.

To whit, tonight, while grocery shopping, I recieved a call from Croyden. Yes, THAT Croyden. The one I've been trying to get into since before January that has been consistently booked solid.


I was so busy doing a mental victory dance (trying not to let it become a real life one, cuz that's just weird in the middle of a market) I missed the bad news (and it's a doozie) until I'd already hung up assuring her that we'd be there with bells on come hell or high water. It seems I forgot birthday parties.

That's right, to claim my place I must show up this Sunday between 9:15am and 10:30 am. THIS SUNDAY. In the morning. Right before Laurent's party during which time I have to pick up Laurent's balloons, have my make-up done (all in Camberwell), finish the finishing touches on the food that must be served fairly immediately after making (at home) and get to the gardens in time to set up everything for Laurent's birthday and meet the photographer at promptly 11am in the Fitzroy Gardens.

If I miss it, I'll have forfeited my place. I have to show up in person, no exceptions, because they want to see that I'm dedicated and commited to coming.

*cries and pounds my head on a brick wall*

And yes, it's Friday the 13th.

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