Sunday, October 22, 2006

Bubba Conversations

Every day should be like today. Woke up to gooey bubba smiles and chirpy chatter. Breakfast with STRAWBERRIES. (Nic is sucking up.) Watch bubs as he alternately motors about and comes for hugs; chattering, smiling, laughing madly, attempting to stand alone before plopping on his bum with a giggle.

We had the Gena thing today, which was pretty cool if not stuff I was already aware of. Reminded me of some stuff I knew but need to work on all the same. Had fun with the other people there and taught Sierra to stick her head in a bucket and walk around like that just for fun in a few minutes. Nic watched Laurent, bringing him in when he needed cuddles and food. Lala ate an half his weight in watermelon and rockmelon and spent the rest of the time crawling about showing off how clever he is to his audience - the little HAM! Came home to regroup and let the dogs romp. Ended up having this little conversation, like ones that we've been having lately with L's growing understanding of the world around him and they're just so darn CUTE!

Laurent points excitedly to Sierra who is outside wiggling at the window and waves, laughing and exclaims "Dahg dahg!" I nod, agreeing. "Yes, that's Sierra, she's outside." He signs "want" and chants "Sisi!", *signs 'want'* again and cheers "Sisi! Sisi! Sisi!" while bouncing enthusiastically.
"You want Sisi inside?" I ask. He laughs and repeats the 'want' sign* "Sisi!" At this point kitty comes wandering by and I point down to her. "Look La" He looks at her, "Tasss! Khee!" and then immitates a miaow sound.

Bwhahahahahahah!!! I have turned him into an animal nut!

(For those needing La to English translation:
Sisi = Sierra, our dog, Sisi is a nickname
Khee= kitty
*want* sign = hand held out, opening and shutting to indicate he wants whatever he's pointing at. I am hard-of-hearing so I do use sign language with him too!


leopuppy04 said...

LOL - that is too cute! Sounds like you have raised an animal nut, fruit loving little bubba!!!! Don't think u can go wrong with that combination!!!

leopuppy04 said...

LOL sounds like you have raised an animal loving, fruit loving happy little bubba! Can't go wrong with that!!!!!