Wednesday, October 25, 2006

First... today Laurent, who has been standing up on his own for a few days took his first official (deliberate) step! We've had a few steps that were the result of him starting to loose balance and trying to catch himself but those don't really count imo. I suppose that means he's actually going to start walking soon... EEK!!!

Second, is my newest purchase. When we went to the auction the other day, we didn't intend to buy since what I'd saved was decimated by Nic's shortened work hours/crap pay. Still I adore antique hunting and love going to auctions.

We both saw this sugar scuttle and said, "Hey, look at that!" at the same time. It's got pretty scrollwork and even the little scoup is finely detailed - it's ornate enough to be pretty but not so much as to be pretentious. It was listed as Victorian but it's Edwardian imo. We agreed with one look that this was something we wanted. It just had a nice feeling about it, you know? So we put in a proxy bid at what I figured was about it's money but not over.

We got it! I looked at it even closer and noticed something... on the lip is a hand engraved "R & L. B" with a date 15 December 1908. It's captured my imagination. I fancy it was a wedding gift to the couple, all those years ago. I picture her in
an ivory silk two piece awash with lace, net and tiny delicate embroidery, pin tucks everywhere, flounces and frills aplenty, an empire waist line and wax orange blossom headpiece holding on a gauzy veil. Or perhaps it was a 25th anniversary gift. I wonder what their names were? I only know them as R&B. I wonder what their life was like, their dreams? Did they have any babies, maybe a little boy like mine who made his mother melt with gooey smiles as well? I consider the scuttle and see them in my minds eye as being upper-middle class, comfortable but not wealthy as it's NP though still from a firm of reputation, hard working but enjoying the nice things they had. The name and date engraving was by hand, though it's one schooled in nice penmanship. They must have kept it carefully as it's in good condition but obviously they used it regularly instead of keeping it as a display piece, as some of the fine detailing shows smoothing. Was it one of relatively really luxurious things they owned and treasured and loved to use? Did it have a place of honor for when guests came for dinners or tea? I wonder if she smiled in delight at such a pretty little thing when she saw it too. I rather like the idea that she felt it was something special as well. Perhaps that love seeped into it over the years and is what caught my eye - the aura of a happy, furfilled life. I like this idea and I'm considering the scuttle something of an anniversary good luck charm, perhaps it sweetened their marriage and will be equally good luck for us.

Some more good news: new job for Nic, starting in 2 weeks! Yay! It won't be as much fun as TGI Friday's perhaps but it's better hours, more of them and much better pay.

NOW... finally the TAG!
Here are are the rules to play:
List 5 weird things about yourself or your pets.
Tag 5 friends and list them.
Those people then need to write on their blogs about 5 weird things, and state the rules, and tag 5 more people. Don’t forget to let the people you tagged know by posting a comment on their blog!

1.) My dogs like fruit and vegetables
2.) My cat, if you pretend to shoot her (hold your hand with pointer out and say bang) will run as if she were, even though she has never once had any aversive including being squirted with a squirt bottle or anything that might remotely resemble that motion. And no, she's not scared, just weird.
3.) My dogs will actively solicit medication and needles at the vets (ex. blood draws) and then beg for more. (Pavlov eat your heart out.)
4.) Sierra's favorite treat is water. Plain, ordinary water. She will choose it over food treats or toys.
5.) I don't cut their nails, they file their nails themselves on a giant nail file.

and a freebie... in this house, even the cat does obedience!

Tagging: Sif, Jayne, Amanda (not myself, so no smart comments please!) and um... next two random people who read this cuz I don't know who else blogs who hasn't been tagg
ed yet. ;-P

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aussienut said...

Yayyy! congrats on L's first steps!!!

Love the 'romantic musings' also!!!

I answered your TAG too!