Sunday, October 01, 2006

I cast a spell on you...

The first of the tall bearded iris I purchased from Tempo Two at the Garden Show has bloomed... it was a bit of a guess as to which would bloom this year since it's their first year and they were planted late in the season. "Cast A Spell" has put up a couple of lovely flowers though, and it's aptly named!

At the same time, the new Tempo Two catalogue arrived and there's about nine billion iris I'd love to have. Full of Magic, Glamour Pants, Out To Lunch, Bewilderbeast, Ask A Lady, Coffee Whispers, Jackle Crackle, Mandarin Morning, Mykonos Sunset, Scottish Reel, Patriotic Heart (breaking my Blyth lovefest), Passing Clouds, Rare Find, Spiced Tiger, Wearing Rubies... and that's not even touching the median iris, dwarfs etc etc. It's a sickness I tell you! ;-)

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