Friday, March 28, 2008

Yippie! New sheep!

Coloured English Leicesters

Poor girls don't know what to do with themselves with so much grass!

And some weeks after this, little lambikins will be ready and that breeder has a number of lovely colours as well, including moorit which I'm reaaaally hoping to get as it's my favorite colour. Very, very excited!

Thursday, March 27, 2008

A few photos from the easter weekend... really wasn't thrilled with how most came out and really not thrilled even these worked out either. So frusterating to see what you want to do and not be able to make the camera cooperate!

Watching frogs

The crunchy leaf stomping dance

And for the record, he's totally not interested in the statue nor any of the other statues for that matter... what he's thrilled to bits about is that there is a tiny little fountain puddle where his hand is that he's soaking himself with. For an airy Libran, he's awful attracted to water!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Maybe she's born with it... maybe it's Maybelline!

I figured that was a good caption for Sierra's new mud mask! LOL Apparently a really good way to keep cool on a hot day!

Also for those up for a bit of cuteness...
Veri's sister had puppies... sooooo cute, Charlie can come live with me any day! (I don't have a red tri - if I did, I'd have a matching set!)

Also meant to post this awhile ago! New pic of Handy (Sierra's mum) Samilyn Caught Red Handed. This is with one of her daughters and granddaughters

We've also had a pretty good weekend as well... Saturday morning we had our first chook show, just a little ag show so nothing like the more formal shows hosted by the poultry associations later in the year but a good deal of fun and we came away with only one bird unplaced - two 1'sts, a 2nd and two 3rd prizes and a bit of prize money. I also made heaps of contacts with local coloured sheep breeder and am told by two of them they'll be getting back to me shortly - they don't know why I wasn't gotten back to the first go round and would also like me to volunteer in the nominations. (Seems to be the month for it too - same with a PC and probably also Puppy Officer with ASCV.) Then was invited back to Warragul for a PC meet there that night. Good bit of fun as we got to meet new people, was able to get put into contact with someone who actually breeds partridge std dottes for decades and had to "play judge"! Good heavens, it's harder than it looks! Then off to Euroa on Sunday morning, coming away with some more chooks and managing to catch up with several folks I've not seen in awhile! I haven't shut up from chatting all weekend!!! LOLOL

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Poor Lala

He'd had a nasty cough and a snotty nose, a mild fever and a very-very-very cranky temper the night before last so we'd figured he had a cold and got some syrup from the pharmacist in the morning, who'd told me if he wasn't better in a few days take him to see his GP.

Fast forward to 7pm and after dashing outside into the cool air the rattling in his chest the pharmacist assured me was just congestion flared into full on astmah attack with distressed intercostal and sternal resession, accessory muscles and barely audible wheezing (which is worse than loud because it means less air is getting in to make the noise) and we went to the ER.

We KNEW it wasn't going to be fun. Sure enough he started screaming about the time the nurse took off his socks and clip a pulse-ox thingie to his toe and continued until aproximately 3 am when we left. Insult was added to grave injury as he also had to be stripped, examined, ears/nose/throat checked, heart listened to and worse yet - we were making him stay put instead of running all over flicking buttons or hugging other children. The doctor was concerned the screaming and his sheer insistance they not examine him was due to it being painful and I assured them this was nothing more than a lethal combination of an opinionated, determined 2 year old with a cold, who was over-tired and indignantly outraged at being restrained and forced to be exammed several times. Until we spotted a bottle of bubbles and it instantly turned from a furious bellow to sunshine, clapping and giggling... at which point I think they finally believed me. To be fair, our nurse Wendy was an absolute gem and model for what childrens nurses should be! They still wanted to admit him but I knew he'd never fall asleep there. So at 3 am we finally made it home and collapsed into bed with the appropriate medications to be dosed 3 hourly.

The good news is that Sir is mostly recovered from this and is back to his more sunny, cheery, considerate (but still muleishly determined and into everything) little self. Photos from today to prove it - he is just slightly slowed down enough that I can actually get non-blurry shots of him!

The lighting was just so gorgeous and we had some black cockatoos flying by so his attention was captured long enough for me to snap these!

And demonstrating his fascination with butterflies and windchimes both... ignore the nappy exposure, the pants were a bit big and fall down when he steps on the cuffs! Time to hem...

And this is while waiting for Nic at the train station... he's on my "moh-bwl" phone chattering, "Nic, we at trains - dey say choo choo, 's good trains say chooooo choooo! Nic? Nic? Where awh 'ou?"

Sunday, March 09, 2008

Just a quick on of La and Hope. Good heavens are they nigh impossible to get a picture of both in the same place and with neither one a blur of movement!!!

I got back tonight to find out that my grandmother has had a mini-stroke and some complications with cholestrol and bad heart but the doctors can't get her in to a cardiologist for a month. Hard to imagine her being ill since she's always seemed such a dogged and singleminded individual. We don't always agree but she's never backwards about coming forwards or speaking her mind. Less severely but completely annoyingly bloody Firefox has lost all my bookmarks. You'd think one of these days I learn to back everything up repeatedly and often but as it happens I didn't... argh!

Saturday, March 08, 2008

Seven Random and Weird Facts About Me

Sif tagged me with this so blame her! Here are the rules:
1. Link to your tagger and post these rules on your blog
2. Share seven facts about yourself on your blog, some random, some weird
3. Tag seven people at the end of your post by leaving their names as well as links to their blogs
4. Let them know they are tagged by leaving a comment on their blog.

1.) I think the worst thing someone can be is two-faced. Regardless of if you like the other persons position at least you know where you stand.
2.) I absolutely cannot stand being misunderstood. I find it very distressing to be misunderstood or be unable to get something across. and can be rather obsessive over choosing my wording.
3.) I generally detest people who are snobby fashionistias - however if I had the money, I actually do like the look of many designer things (love Gucci bags for example) and would probably have heaps of it. It's the attitude of valuing others based on their objects I detest. All of which is in stark contrast to my thoughts on mindlesss consumerism.
4.) I love to sing despite being the most utterly tone deaf person on the planet. I am completely unable to hit a pitch or carry a tune even if it was welded shut in a bucket and superglued to my hands. Even my 2 year old claps his hands over his ears and screeches, "NO MUM! STOP IT!"
5.) I don't understand people who choose to live as victims. I know someone who has been a professional victim for as long as I've known them. They had a crappy childhood much the same as me but every bad thing and unhappiness they've suffered is always everyone elses fault but their own - it's gods fault, lucks fault, their family's fault, their bosses fault... everyone fault but their own. I don't understand this. Much of our lives have turned out because of the choices we made and if we don't like the result, we should take responsbility, own it, make new choices and change it. Sometimes the choices aren't nice ones, somtimes they're hard, painful, mean confronting a part of ourselves we prefer not to acknowledge, are risky or mean leaving our comfort zone but it's always our choice. Our happiness is our own responsibility and no one elses. The world owes you nothing. No one controls our actions but us, no one limits us but ourselves and ultimately we can not control any one else either. Sometimes things happen that are random but we still choose how we react to them. We choose to be happy or unhappy, we choose to stay mired in the past or move forward, we choose to let our tragedies define us or step outside them and define ourselves, we choose how we view and react to our situations and we choose how we approach the world. I'm not sure I'm articulating this very well but it's something that simply doesn't compute to me and sometimes I feel like a very harsh, judgemental person for thinking this way.
6.) I physically cannot eat broccoli without cheese. I adore broccoli with cheese but the smell/taste of it without makes me gag.
7.) If a product or company has a really annoying ad I will not try or use the product simply because of how much the ad annoyed me. Those fruit splats things are an example. That ad is freakin' CREEPY! The stuff might taste like ambroisa but I'll never buy it.

And unsolicited number eight, I hate the whole concept of "you must tag X amount of people" and refuse to continue the cycle! Viva la revolution!

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

I know Sif was mostly asking out of politeness *G* but for anyone wanting a peek at the chooks and ducks - all their photos and updates are at my OTHER BLOG...

FOWL PLAY is the poultry blog - http:// herechookchookchook . blogspot .com/complete with photos of the drake mentioned in the last post and my darling new chicks that will be part of creating a new colour in Silkies!

SKETCHY MEMORY is a blog of some of my sketches. http:// sketchymemories . blogspot .com/ Not much there atm because I'm a slackarse and hate wrangling with my tempermental scanner and ancient photo editing program on my only slightly less ancient comp. (But having trialed advanced programs, keep it because at least I know how to use it and it's quasi compatable!)