Saturday, March 08, 2008

Seven Random and Weird Facts About Me

Sif tagged me with this so blame her! Here are the rules:
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1.) I think the worst thing someone can be is two-faced. Regardless of if you like the other persons position at least you know where you stand.
2.) I absolutely cannot stand being misunderstood. I find it very distressing to be misunderstood or be unable to get something across. and can be rather obsessive over choosing my wording.
3.) I generally detest people who are snobby fashionistias - however if I had the money, I actually do like the look of many designer things (love Gucci bags for example) and would probably have heaps of it. It's the attitude of valuing others based on their objects I detest. All of which is in stark contrast to my thoughts on mindlesss consumerism.
4.) I love to sing despite being the most utterly tone deaf person on the planet. I am completely unable to hit a pitch or carry a tune even if it was welded shut in a bucket and superglued to my hands. Even my 2 year old claps his hands over his ears and screeches, "NO MUM! STOP IT!"
5.) I don't understand people who choose to live as victims. I know someone who has been a professional victim for as long as I've known them. They had a crappy childhood much the same as me but every bad thing and unhappiness they've suffered is always everyone elses fault but their own - it's gods fault, lucks fault, their family's fault, their bosses fault... everyone fault but their own. I don't understand this. Much of our lives have turned out because of the choices we made and if we don't like the result, we should take responsbility, own it, make new choices and change it. Sometimes the choices aren't nice ones, somtimes they're hard, painful, mean confronting a part of ourselves we prefer not to acknowledge, are risky or mean leaving our comfort zone but it's always our choice. Our happiness is our own responsibility and no one elses. The world owes you nothing. No one controls our actions but us, no one limits us but ourselves and ultimately we can not control any one else either. Sometimes things happen that are random but we still choose how we react to them. We choose to be happy or unhappy, we choose to stay mired in the past or move forward, we choose to let our tragedies define us or step outside them and define ourselves, we choose how we view and react to our situations and we choose how we approach the world. I'm not sure I'm articulating this very well but it's something that simply doesn't compute to me and sometimes I feel like a very harsh, judgemental person for thinking this way.
6.) I physically cannot eat broccoli without cheese. I adore broccoli with cheese but the smell/taste of it without makes me gag.
7.) If a product or company has a really annoying ad I will not try or use the product simply because of how much the ad annoyed me. Those fruit splats things are an example. That ad is freakin' CREEPY! The stuff might taste like ambroisa but I'll never buy it.

And unsolicited number eight, I hate the whole concept of "you must tag X amount of people" and refuse to continue the cycle! Viva la revolution!

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HipbubbyMama said...

heheh I'm with ya on the tagging. I didnt either-lets be rebels together :D

Oh and I wanted to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY beautiful Cade-my inspiration for wanting a greyhound!! And HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you too, I am so sorry I missed it! Hope you had an awesome day!!