Tuesday, March 04, 2008

I know Sif was mostly asking out of politeness *G* but for anyone wanting a peek at the chooks and ducks - all their photos and updates are at my OTHER BLOG...

FOWL PLAY is the poultry blog - http:// herechookchookchook . blogspot .com/complete with photos of the drake mentioned in the last post and my darling new chicks that will be part of creating a new colour in Silkies!

SKETCHY MEMORY is a blog of some of my sketches. http:// sketchymemories . blogspot .com/ Not much there atm because I'm a slackarse and hate wrangling with my tempermental scanner and ancient photo editing program on my only slightly less ancient comp. (But having trialed advanced programs, keep it because at least I know how to use it and it's quasi compatable!)

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Sif said...

I've tagged you on my blog :).