Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Cade, on his birthday... not much changed in 10 years, other than a bit more grey in the muzzle.

A cute one of Veri-airy-blueberry

And a less well shot but far more accurate picture of what they usually look like. ;-p

As far as why there's no pictures of our herding workshop weekend... it's because I ended up sick and didn't go. The highlight of the weekend though, I picked up a new Aylesbury drake - they're a very rare breed and he's the nicest boy I could hope for so tickled pink with him. Note to self: stay away from expo fundraiser hotdogs... :-(

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Sif said...

Eeewww, fundraiser hotdogs! I imagine by now you're feeling a lot better, LOL.

When do we get to see this magnificent drake?

Ok, enough politenesses, I'm really here to pin you down on getting together for coffee and a chat, maybe go to Hawthorn, grab a coffee, go up to the rocketship park with the boys? Or some sort of alternative? Like next week??? Monday or Tuesday? Unless you're free tomorrow?

Wednesdays and Thursday are out for me, Fridays are another possibility...

Let me know!