Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Happy 10th Birthday CADE!

My Italian Greyhound, Cade, turned 10 years old the other day. He was a real firecracker of a pup, dubbed Johnny Rotten by his breeder.

(Cade, age 5 weeks)
He totally demolishing everyone's idea of IG's being timid little creatures by plowing into the middle of everything with gusto, enthusiasm and an absolute certainty the world was his oyster.
(Cade, his first day home)
He is way too smart for my own good and born with endless energy to enact his ideas... his hijinks in his younger days were legend, many and varied. He remains absolutely full of himself, though thankfully his stunts have mellowed with the years, though he's sure to be the one and only Cade for many years to come. ;-)

(Cade, Okemos, 2003)
Happy birthday old man!

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