Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Murphy's Birthday. I swear that's what yesterday was! Okay, so it was MINE but Murphy owned the day really! ;-p

First thing in the morning, the gas is gone because the gas company hasn't been out to refill like they were supposed to. Then most of the morning was spent on Cade's abcess. The evening before he was outside and we heard him yelp and his muzzle had a little lump , so we figured he'd found a wasp and had gave antihistimine. By morning his lips and underside of the throat were huge and later it burst... so an abcess. Maybe a spider or maybe one of the Copperheads? Poor guy was very patient while it was cleaned out and treated but yerg! I am simply refusing to look at the vet bills... just handing the card over! LOL To top the day off, my car simply refused to start when I went to pick Nic up. So Nic had to go to work via taxi (ow, my aching pocket book) and as the mechanic couldn't fit the battery till the 13th he's stayed over with a work-mate and we're on our own till tomorrow.

Today was nice though. A lovely sunny day spent puttering around with kidlet, puplets (minus Cade, firmly planted on his cushion) and chooks doing some gardening. We got a nice surprise in that Jamie came over again to recheck measurements on the garden and get samples for some that have stumped them! So a fellow he knows who is also expert in ID is going to come over. Also noted several that were rare/heritage varities and talked about propagating them (*dance*) and incorporating bush tucker etc. Yippie, yippie, yippie!

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aussienut said...

Aw that Sucks! Murphy is sure doing the rounds eh?! Happy birthday anyways! I hope you had a good day in spite of it all :)