Thursday, February 21, 2008

Wombat herding... probably not something anyone would want to try.

First of all because I suspect the local version of the DNR would be dreadfully unamused. Second of all because the wombat in question was unamused. And third of all because Mr. Talbot's cows were also unamused and I've no fond delusions how it'd turn out should they come after the wombat and I be in the way...

To be fair I certainly didn't intend to herd a wombat. I really can't think why anyone would want to herd one either for that matter. I'd assumed that what Hope and Veri were so interested in the tall grasses near the dam was probably nothing more fascinating than duck poo until I saw both dogs circle the spot uncertainly, sniff, sneeze and look up at me with twin baffled expressions whereupon I spotted their unlikely "sheep".

The wombat decided perhaps it'd best take it's dinner elsewhere and made a steady amble for the fence-line. The dogs looked up at me clearly wondering what the heck weird kind of sheep I'd brought them out to! Veri sneezed again and seemed to be thinking, "Those crazy Texal ewes were bad enough but mum's gone off the deep end this time..." I told them to leave it and watched as the wombat barely wriggled it's rump loose from under the lowest line of barbed wire, only to run straight into Mr. Talbots cows. The cows took one look at the furry brown intruder and circled up to it sure that it was out to get their babies. The poor wombat by now decided it had absolutely enough and for a furry, brown, brick-shaped tank managed a surprisingly fast clip for the back paddocks where it could eat in peace!

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