Saturday, February 16, 2008

After wavering back and forth between entering my chooks in a local show and doing herding I finally decided to go with the herding workshop - so yippie, Veri and Hope are off to Beloka on the 24th of February! Will be interesting to see how Veri does off my property. She is keen on them here (read: completely and utterly obsessed) but is still at times quite shy in public and the atmosphere at the workshops is usually quite charged given all the dogs not understanding the concept of "waiting turns" and wanting to get off their tethers and to the stock! I know Martin and Hutch are going as well... Amanda if you're reading are you taking Leo or Kinta?

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aussienut said...

No I'm not going - I didn't even know it was on!!!! Good luck- lots of piccies and let us know how it goes :)