Friday, February 15, 2008

One of the great bonus of having neighbors with horses... your child can pet them to his hearts content and you don't have to pay for feed bills, farriers, shoeing, tack, floats etc etc etc. *VBG*
This little black pony is a "companion" to their other (full sized) gelding and he is a typical pony - generally sweet but nosey and just a little pushy and spoilt. La is in LOVE!

We've also had an EXPLOSION of imaginative play... blocks become drums, roads, mobile phones and hats and many of his plush animals are taking "naps" wrapped up in "blankets". He built his first 'blanket and cushion fort' (okay, so he called it a crate... same thing really...) and oodles more I can't remember because I'm absolutely brainfried.

And we've entering into the phase of I Can Do Anything That's Everything All On My Own! Breakfast alone brought "I can pour my own drink from my pitcher and I will only drink from a regular glass - no sippies!" and "I can make my own jam toast mum! I will fetch the bred, jam, kiddie knife and make it all by myself!" Gotta love it... and it's also introduced, "...and you can fetch your own rag and wash up the mess!" ;-) Two years and three months is a Very Good Age!

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