Saturday, March 13, 2010

Wonderful, wonderful buns!

Bunnies that is!

A few days ago Cinnamon the Cinnabun, Lily and I all went to the RSPCA to take her on a bunny date to pick a friend out. Bunnies do best with another bunny companion but can be quite opinionated about who they like, so you can't just adopt one and put them together - you have to bond them over a period of at least a few weeks (for a smooth, easy bonding) or longer if it's a rocky road to love by gradually letting them get to know each other after both are spay/neutered. The best chance for a bond is to let them choose their bunny friend, hence the date!

Cinnamon found 3 bun-boys she got along with but there was one she was more relaxed with. His name was Romeo, a 1 year old lop cross bunny the colour of pumpkin custard and with one ear that perks up. He'd been surrendered once, adopted out and then surrendered again later. Romeo liked her too... in fact, the second he laid eyes on her he hopped over, hopped on and began humping madly away! LOL Nevertheless she had relaxed eyebrows and whisker pads around him and was happy exploring his run, so I adopted him.

Over the past few days, the buns have been having dates a couple times a day to get to know each other and it is going swimmingly. From initial quick sniffs and watching each other while pretending not to it turned into his giving her ear kisses and submitting to her demands to be groomed. That progressed into him flopping next to her - bunny speak for, "I luffs you SOOO much!" The more flopped the bunny, the more comfortable and happy it's feeling. They are absolutely hilarious to watch too, it's not like they just lay down - it's a big dramatic "FLOMP!!!" aimed expressly at making a point. A few dates in, Cinnamon returned his flop. Today she gave him a solid 10 minutes of grooming as well - probably the ultimate sign of bunny affection. In between this both of them come over to have mutual ear massages from me, give whisker kisses and such to get some 'mommy' time.

*flop* I luffs you! *peeks to be sure she's watching his proclamation* *FLOPS*

"Groom me snookums?"

"I weally, weally luffs you lots!" *FLOP*

Awww... Cinna giving Romeo a good grooming!

I adopted him near the anniversary of loosing Cami. It's funny, I always wanted a bunny and waited for years to get one but I never knew just how in love I'd fall with them, just how big and individual of personalities they'd have or how healing they'd be. As I write this, Cinna is flomped out on her blankie near me strettcchhinnggg. Bless the bunny-magic!