Monday, April 19, 2010

Little miss birthday girl

So we're one week into this one year old gig and it's pretty sweet so far, my recent interest in real estate in Egypt aside...

Madam has decided that now that she's one, she needs to get onto this whole upright mobility gig. Having discovered she CAN, she has been pulling herself up on everything lately and flinging herself into a standing position though it only lasts about 0.001 nanoseconds before gravity takes effect. She's also taken to walking on all fours, like Mowgli in the Jungle Book which is hilarious!

She is her mothers child - loves all animals but ESPECIALLY the dogs. She adores Sierra! Si enjoys him well enough but doesn't seek him out for it the way Hope does but appears to love Lily and will fling herself at her feet, roll over and nudge her hands for pats. Lily loves crawling up to Si and wrapping herself into her for a big hug with the biggest grins around. They really do make my heart melt!

Her party was this past Sunday, with a number of friends coming over and celebrating with us! Thanks to Sif, Jayne, Ro, Paige and of course their respective husbands and children alike for helping make the day a special one! She was well spoiled between them with gorgeous little dresses, pants and shirts, as well as a little knitted dolly she took to with huge smiles and a pull along lamb - hehe people know us very well here!

Various people having chats and snacks. :)

The cake comes in... it was an orange bunny.

Little madam is just not that impressed with this whole cake business!

I helped her have her own turn, albeit it mostly involve shaking a stick and being rather cute vs going for the pinata. Paige's son Joshua was the hero who finally knocked the lollies loose!

And this was the part Lily was interested in! Sitting on her nice rainbow chair and pulling bits of paper to nosh!

Ahhhh now THIS is what the cake was missing - a bit of dirt marinade!

We've also had a little guest this week, who has been so much fun! I can't believe how much I've missed puppy breath and fluffy snuggles... oh there is just nothing quite as lovely as fresh new life is there?

Little miss whispy locks!

And this is her gift from mum and dad, a silver pendant with green amethyst (prasiolite) and citrine. For her brothers first birthday we bought him a labradorite pendant so we wanted to continue the tradition. Green amethyst is said to represent the heart, inner peace, balance and harmony, nature, consecration and concentration, self-respect and well-being. Citrine represents ones personal power, abundance, prosperity, generosity, creativity, stability, energy, comfort, optimism, confidence that will not hold any negative energy.
She looks so cute wearing it!

I will write a more proper post on how everything is going when I'm not quite so tired and scatterbrained! LOL

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Yep, he's my kid all right...

I complained my stomach was feeling a bit upset today and La asked, "Mum do you need to see the vets?"

I laughed and told him no, Doctor Tom wouldn't want to see me!

He looked at me like I'd plainly lost my marbles, "No mum! Not the DOG vet, the vet for HUMANS."

I couldn't stop laughing, much to his annoyance! We have a vet for the dogs, a vet for the bunnies, a vet for the birds - why wouldn't I go to the vet for myself too?

Friday, April 09, 2010

One year old...

And all the cliche sayings are absolutely true... I can't believe how fast this year has just flown. I also can't believe what an easy, blissful, joyous little person she is. She's a bundle of sunshine, perpetually smiling, offering cuddles, chats and snuggles. She is cuteness personified as she crawls at warp speeds. We adore her, her brother adores her... how is it possible there was ever a time without our lovely Lilypillie in our lives?

She's had a bit of a chesty cold thing going on around the time of her birthday so her party is going to be THIS coming Sunday the 18th- rsvp We'd love to see everyone there! :)

Monday, April 05, 2010

The best kind of easter bunnies...

We fully support the "Make Mine Chocolate" campaign, to avoid people impulse purchasing baby rabbits during the easter period as gifts. Bunnies are sensitive, intelligent, highly social animals who can live over 10 years of age and require as much care and veterinary attention (s/n, microchipping, annual vaxs and check ups) as cats or dogs preferably at a rabbit specialist vet. They are not okay to be left in small hutches all their lives with nothing but pellets for food and occasional pats and are not ideal 'starter' pets for very young children as their are sometimes promoted. Thousands of buns are bred every year to turn a dollar at easter and most of them don't make it to their first birthday; the victims of neglect, misunderstanding, disposable attitudes, poor diet, injury or dumping in the 'wild' or at high kill pounds and shelters.

That said, one of the cutest things around at easter-time are bunnies...

Don't you agree? Cinnamon and Romeo sure think Bunny Lilypillie and Bunny Lala are their favorite kind of "easter bunny" too!