Saturday, February 02, 2008

My little big man is sporting a haircut after I finally decided it was way too long and he needed it. I'd kept the whispy baby hair natural for as long as possible but it was definitely time. Gods bless thinning sheers, they are hard to screw up with even with a very wiggly, bouncy toddler grabbing them every two seconds as you're cutting! LOL

He's sprouted too... he's still a shrimpy scrawn-ball compared to many other kids his age but he's definitely longer and less rolly-polly and turning into a regular chatterbox picking up 2-4 new words every day which combine with the other few hundred words to rapid fire most of the day non-stop. ("Poo" still remains the most frequently used though... charming!)

The playgrounds are definitely getting a work out now... climbing - ropes, rock-walls, ladders etc is very popular. Anything he can hang off of with his hands and swing on. Standard swings, tyre swings, anything that can be pushed, moved or launched off of. He's either going to be a gymnist or a cat burgler I swear!

This is my favorite bit of little boy-hood though, watching his relationship with the dogs.

Even the old, sun-loving codgers... ;-)

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