Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Maybe she's born with it... maybe it's Maybelline!

I figured that was a good caption for Sierra's new mud mask! LOL Apparently a really good way to keep cool on a hot day!

Also for those up for a bit of cuteness... http://www.keelambara.com/litters2daussie12dpuppies.html
Veri's sister had puppies... sooooo cute, Charlie can come live with me any day! (I don't have a red tri - if I did, I'd have a matching set!)

Also meant to post this awhile ago! New pic of Handy (Sierra's mum) Samilyn Caught Red Handed. This is with one of her daughters and granddaughters http://picasaweb.google.com/coloradoaussies/DamsAndAction/photo#5082723486239203106

We've also had a pretty good weekend as well... Saturday morning we had our first chook show, just a little ag show so nothing like the more formal shows hosted by the poultry associations later in the year but a good deal of fun and we came away with only one bird unplaced - two 1'sts, a 2nd and two 3rd prizes and a bit of prize money. I also made heaps of contacts with local coloured sheep breeder and am told by two of them they'll be getting back to me shortly - they don't know why I wasn't gotten back to the first go round and would also like me to volunteer in the nominations. (Seems to be the month for it too - same with a PC and probably also Puppy Officer with ASCV.) Then was invited back to Warragul for a PC meet there that night. Good bit of fun as we got to meet new people, was able to get put into contact with someone who actually breeds partridge std dottes for decades and had to "play judge"! Good heavens, it's harder than it looks! Then off to Euroa on Sunday morning, coming away with some more chooks and managing to catch up with several folks I've not seen in awhile! I haven't shut up from chatting all weekend!!! LOLOL

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Definately covergirl material!