Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Poor Lala

He'd had a nasty cough and a snotty nose, a mild fever and a very-very-very cranky temper the night before last so we'd figured he had a cold and got some syrup from the pharmacist in the morning, who'd told me if he wasn't better in a few days take him to see his GP.

Fast forward to 7pm and after dashing outside into the cool air the rattling in his chest the pharmacist assured me was just congestion flared into full on astmah attack with distressed intercostal and sternal resession, accessory muscles and barely audible wheezing (which is worse than loud because it means less air is getting in to make the noise) and we went to the ER.

We KNEW it wasn't going to be fun. Sure enough he started screaming about the time the nurse took off his socks and clip a pulse-ox thingie to his toe and continued until aproximately 3 am when we left. Insult was added to grave injury as he also had to be stripped, examined, ears/nose/throat checked, heart listened to and worse yet - we were making him stay put instead of running all over flicking buttons or hugging other children. The doctor was concerned the screaming and his sheer insistance they not examine him was due to it being painful and I assured them this was nothing more than a lethal combination of an opinionated, determined 2 year old with a cold, who was over-tired and indignantly outraged at being restrained and forced to be exammed several times. Until we spotted a bottle of bubbles and it instantly turned from a furious bellow to sunshine, clapping and giggling... at which point I think they finally believed me. To be fair, our nurse Wendy was an absolute gem and model for what childrens nurses should be! They still wanted to admit him but I knew he'd never fall asleep there. So at 3 am we finally made it home and collapsed into bed with the appropriate medications to be dosed 3 hourly.

The good news is that Sir is mostly recovered from this and is back to his more sunny, cheery, considerate (but still muleishly determined and into everything) little self. Photos from today to prove it - he is just slightly slowed down enough that I can actually get non-blurry shots of him!

The lighting was just so gorgeous and we had some black cockatoos flying by so his attention was captured long enough for me to snap these!

And demonstrating his fascination with butterflies and windchimes both... ignore the nappy exposure, the pants were a bit big and fall down when he steps on the cuffs! Time to hem...

And this is while waiting for Nic at the train station... he's on my "moh-bwl" phone chattering, "Nic, we at trains - dey say choo choo, 's good trains say chooooo choooo! Nic? Nic? Where awh 'ou?"

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Juniper said...

Ooh, I am so glad Laurent is okay! What a scary time, I know first hand that asthma can be terrifying!

Love the mobile phone shot - DS used to have an "imaginary friend" when he was around 3yrs, called "Voice Mail" - no joke!