Friday, October 06, 2006

Buggered, tired and just flat out whipped... TMI warning!!!

A pretty accurate description at the moment. I am just flat-out, plain, deep down bone tired.

To make up for bombarding everyone with the following lovely mental images, I give you with this... Hope, at 4 weeks old. It was the puppies first introduction to the wonders of cheese! I mentioned to her breeder that she is going to be one busy little puppy since we've got a camping trip not long after I'll have her and have so many people waiting to meet her. She wrote back that she was going to be very well suited to it as she had the temperment for it so far and was the easiest and kissiest to work with with. :-) Aw. Puppy breath. Would you look at that? This kind of day and all I can do is grin a goofy grin and think how much I love my baby, family and dogs.

Now, to the blech... this is where the TMI warning kicks in, turn back now if you don't want to read it. Turns out Laurent's nothing-is-going-to-comfort-me behaviour is a tummy bug. This morning started when I heard a tummy rumble, he squirmed and promptly puked his guts up, not once but twice.... all over me, the pillows, the bedding, his blankie and everything but Nic who somehow managed to avoid it all.

Changed the bedding, showered us both, finally got him to fall back asleep, flomped.

Woke to the sudden sound of another noise, more squirming and a sudden torrent of yellow diarrhea exploding out his nappy and covering him up to his shoulders, the spare bedding, spare pillows, the quilt, his other blankie and yeah... me who he was snuggled up to.... from hip to shoulder. And again somehow managing to miss Nic completely while hitting everything else within a queen sized mattress radius. Another shower.

The rest of the day was lather, rinse, repeat. I've been puked on and pooed on through exploding nappies more times than I care to remember, gone through no less than 8 outfits, 4 sets of bedsheets, 12 pants for him after nappies exploded, 2 blankies and 2 slings.

In the middle of this we're still working on moving, solicitor details for moving, Dept of Immigration crap, planning his party etc etc.

Picked up a few more of his gifts which I'd ordered and had a nasty time of it with this awful person who owned the store.

Have to go back tomorrow because the hammering peg bench I got for him is damaged: paint flecking off one of the pegs and a broken bit with splintery edges. The rest are pretty cute. Picked up his tree for the tree planting yesterday.

The send off was when one of Nic's friends came over for dinner and we went out to Red Bean to get some take-out. By that point I was seriously wanting out of the house since I'd filled out one too many forms today and we walked up there. While waiting for the order to be ready he looked mildly uncomfortable. Oh no. *BLECHHHHHHH* All over the floor, me, himself, his blankie, Nic (HAH!) and the aforementioned friend... in full view of the cooks, counterstaff and other diners. Everyone froze.


Poor Laurent has been feeling obviously miserable, just wants to cuddle and lean into me. He has been falling asleep in my arms all day, very quiet and subdued albeit very whingey and whimpery with every little thing upseting him.

I am so, so, so, so, so, so tired. I think I could sleep for a month and -still- wake up exhausted. *yawns* Heading to bed now, as soon as I take yet another shower, do the laundry and feed the dogs, clean up from dinner etc.

Oddly enough, the whole day I spent mostly thinking how lucky I was to be his mum and how much I love him and getting to be the one there to comfort him when he doesn't feel well. I treasure the fact that even though he still feels poorly, he wants to be in my arms and I can help him just by holding him close and singing softly to him.

Non-Laurent related: DH lost his wedding ring. Has no idea where he lost it either.


HipbubbyMama said...

Oh no! You poor things (((hugs)))) They restaurant incident does sound pretty funny the way you write it I have to say! Though I don't think I'd be laughing if it happenned to me! Lots of healing vibes to poor Laurent hope he's better soon, and you all get some sleep!

loz said...

Oh no poor little fella but I had to laugh at him finally getting Nic hahahah (sorry Nic)

Hope he is feeling better very soon and you got some much need sleep and rest:)

BTW that poem is fantastic going to save it now thankyou:)

Also do you approve messages as I have written a few in here lately but never seem to find them again just don't want you to think I am not reading:)

Shae said...

Hugs Amanda! Healthy vibes Laurent!!!