Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Just adding a few notes for the evening... Cade came through just fine. When I picked him up my vet went over his bloodwork and what was done and after remarking, "normal, normal and normal" added it was all really pretty boring. Good! Just the way I like it! Except for the $600 bill! Youch! Dog needs to go out and get a job!

Cute moment today, which several of you saw... we were at playgroup today, at Jayne's house and Over The Hedge had been turned on for the older kids. At one point Laurent spotted the animals on the screen and made his way over there with a chunk of water-melon. (He was seriously gorging himself on it, he loves it!) He was holding it up to the screen trying to feed the ''animals'' on the screen and just couldn't get why they weren't taking it... his doggies always do! LOL

Awhile back I'd had a really good idea for a new type of clicker, it would essentially have no lag time, single click for precision and enable better record keeping with a counter, be ergonomic so that you could hold it and depress from any position. Pretty freaking brill eh! I was SO proud of myself for having this really cool, unique idea!

So I mentioned this on one of my clicker lists and everyone agreed that it was a great idea and I should market it! So at the suggestion of several people I e-mailed Karen Pryor to see if I could get her company to develop it. Okay, maybe rather presumptious because in the training world I'm a little no-name nobody and she's... well, she's KAREN PRYOR yk? Polar opposite.

But still... it was a really, REALLY good idea! Heard nothing for awhile and was a bit bummed. I'd thought about developing it on my own but I'm not a mechanically gifted person, so I don't know how to do it myself. Or know who to go to to get a prototype built to specifications. So, e-mailed her and described my idea. Heard nothing for a few weeks and was feeling pretty bummed, toyed around with going it on my own anyhow somehow because I still felt it was a useful idea. Then today, I got an e-mail, rather brief, saying, ''Yes, we are working on this, but do not expect to have a prototype this year. It is in the pipeline but not at the top yet. Thanks for your interest!'' Really not sure how I feel about that! :-/

Oh and to the idiots who need to spam my comments section with their get rich quick crap, even though I know you don't actually read the blogs you spam... do you SERIOUSLY think anyone is going to answer that kind of crap or be fooled into signing up for such an obvious SCAM?!?!? Get a life and quit setting up spam bots!

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