Sunday, October 08, 2006

Behold the fuzzy cuteness!

More pics of my adorable puppy because there is no such thing as too many photos!!!!! ;-)
I can't wait till I get to take her home!

Clever little pupplet isn't she! Not stacked just four square naturally! :-)
Don't you just wanna kiss this cute widdle fuzzy face????
The "heart and soul" litter... the girls are facing front in this one!
The litters names are: BTD1 Cuebiyar Soul Patrol aka Taylor, BTDd Cuebiyar Wholelotta Soul aka Luke, Hope (of course!) aka Cuebiyar Cross My Heart, BMD Cuebiyar Body N Soul aka Frank, BTB Cuebiyar Heart N Soul aka Ditto, BMB Cuebiyar Heart Beat aka Rhythm and last but not least BTD2 Cuebiyar Soul Music aka Gospel. (ETA: For the non-doggy folks, those first abbreviations are BT=black tri, BM=blue merle, D=dog, B=bitch, d= dilute.)

As a walk down memory lane, I just found this photo going through my files. These pups are all 4 years old now... they're Sierra and her siblings! (Sierra is the 3rd from the left, the red merle with the half white face.) Sierra's litter sister Casey had a litter last year and her nieces and nephews are lovely, line-bred back to Billy, Sierra's grandfather. Two of them are with Sierra's breeder - Grace aka Samilyns Grace Under Fire and Precious aka Samilyns Grace Under Pressure along with their brother Ben who lives with Deb Enderle, Casey's owner and the pups co-breeder.

ETA Regarding the toy that was damaged, the store has made good and is mailing me a replacement. So a bit of a yay for that! I just didn't want to leave it as an unbalanced impression since they are making it right.

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loz said...

Awww i love all of these puppy pictures can't wait to meet your puppies