Sunday, May 04, 2008

Beautiful boy

The garden renovations continue with more brick-up taking after a delay due to Sir feeling lousy and deciding he needed cuddles 24-7 for several days in combination with the bucketloads of rain that never stopped! I took up most of the path up to the end of the house today, cleaned up the camellia tree and cleaned out gutters. La is now having lots of fun tearing around wearing out a weeks worth of energy in a weekend.

Here he's showing me his ability to shovel, after seeing me shovel to get under the bricks to break them up and telling me all about the proper methodology of "chubbling da dirt". All things gardening are currently a big hit with him as he absolutely adores Jamie, the fellow I've had here to help care for the trees, renovate and redesign the garden. The hero worship going on there is an absolute crack up!!!

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