Saturday, May 24, 2008

Lazy day

Today was mostly spent trimming trees and playing with the dogs. The littlest fuzzle is settling in very easy - she's such a cruisey little pup.

Laurent thinks she's pretty neat and is fascinated by "baby puppy" but having said that, I think he'll be happy when she's older and interested in playing ball with him, Hope and Veri. LOL He "throws" the ball now and she toddles after it but can't pick it up! Gentle tuggy is good though - and at least she can't pull him off his feet!

This has pretty much been her favorite pose all day, sleepy little critter!

The puplet met the girls and Cade formally today. Cade just sighed from his spot on the couch, "Another one of those big bouncy heathens? How about another nice CIVILIZED IG??? Why can't you bring home one of those!" ;-)

Miss Hopie in the sunshine. Isn't she looking pretty??? Hope really isn't quite sure what to make of the puppy. It's the first one she's been up and close with since she was little I think. LOL

Sierra thinks it's pretty neat at times, chiefly when the puppy is sleeping. I think she's glad this one is really mellow. LOL I'm the one who enjoys the little pistol-pete pups, not her!

Verity on the other hand thinks this puppy is just the neatest thing in... well, ever! She dances around it, bowing and twirling in excitement and trying to elicit play. She's an overgrown puppy herself I tells ya!

The pup actually reminds me a lot of Sierra... a tiny bit in looks, sometimes just from a certain angle like this

but moreover in personaility. Sierra ws a very easy puppy, very placid, cruisey, very laid back, happy to follow you around and be told she's cute. I may fall for the naughty ones but I sure can appreciate the easy ones! LOL

Anyhow that's the day... ah, puppybreath is such a lovely thing!


Lucy C said...

I wanna puppy!

Lucy C said...

Hi Amanda, I have tagged you on my blog.
Please check it out.

Amanda O. said...

You're getting one soon enough aren't you??? When does your new bubs arrive? (Will check out your blog!)

aussienut said...

OK - puppy is seriously - my ideal coloured Red merle...and it's female! Now why do these always come along when I *can't* have a puppy ;).

She's adorable. Love the pics of Hopie and Si/Noir!

Amanda O. said...

LOL! I know, always seems the colour and gender you want is in short supply until you can't get it hm?

If it's any consolation, I don't think she'd be naughty enough for you - she is the most laid back puppy since Sierra! You're most welcome to come have puppy-cuddles anytime, she'll happily sit in your lap for an hour or four. ;-)