Tuesday, May 20, 2008


I don't mind the renovations I want to do but I really don't need Murphy kindly handing me MORE of them!

We now have a new indoor water-feature aka a leaky roof. This did not make me very happy. Even less amusing was the lights going out, probably courtesy of the leaky roof.

Out comes the roofing guy. "Sorry to be the bearer of bad news blah blah blah no shortcuts yadda yadda yadda Archicenter really shouldn't have missed that during prepurchase inspection blah yadda blah NEW ROOF." Oh. And btw you should call an electricity repairdude to ensure your house won't go up in an electrical fire.

'S a conspiracy to keep me away from Canberra by sucking up all my savings I swear!!!


Lucy C said...

Are you going poultry shopping in Canberra?
Or is it something boring?

Amanda O. said...

Yeah, I'd intended to go to Canberra for the poultry show. Hoped to find really nice Wyandotte partridges from all over Australia and kickstart this breeding season off with some new additions as it should be a "who's who" there. Have been looking forward to it for the past several months but it's looking pretty darn unlikely I'll be able to go, let alone buy. :-( Maybe in 2012... *le sigh*

Lucy C said...

I'm not going either now.
Will be staying home cleaning up puppy puddles!

Amanda O. said...

At least your reason for having to stay home is adorable and puppybreathed! ;-)