Sunday, May 11, 2008

Mothers Day

I was woken this morning with a multitude of kisses, a little pair of arms wrapping around me and a leisurely chat about all the important things of the universe... which are (and in this order) snuggles, clouds, balloons, kisses, bubbles, trees, eskimo kisses, tractors and chooks while soft little hands patted me on the face and twirled through my hair. After about half an hour of being snuggled it was proclaimed time for "cream (yougurt) an' apple an' toas' wif hunny an buttah".

After breakfast I was presented with two cards. L insisted HIS card be given first because it was painted
with "trees an' birdies an' chooks" so obviously much better. Ah, the aplomb and tact of a 2.5 year old!

The afternoon was spent off plant nursery-hopping around Olinda/Kalorama/Mt Evenlyn and winding up with lunch at Kuranga's Paperbark Cafe. Then we came home with a thoroughly flopped Lala, curled up with some divine warm rice pudding and a tea and did the usual bits of evening. It's really striking me lately how I can't really call him a toddler anymore... it took me a long time to be able to call him a toddler and now he's gone and changed again! But it's such a charming little person he's turning into I can't mind it in the least... ;-)

But to prove some things don't change so much - for bedtime, I've got a sleeping little boy in my arms, snuggled up as I write. At 2.5 he often takes himself to bed by grabbing one of us and requesteding to go to bed. He did this tonight as well but then woke and came trundling back out, clambered into my lap, curled up head against my heart and fell promptly asleep. I wish I could get a picture of him - not my little bubba alseep in my arms but my little boy.

In a hollow tree at Kuranga

Bench surfing cheeky monkey child!

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