Monday, May 26, 2008

It has a name! LOL

We're thinking Cami kind of fits her. I'm not sure La really meant it as a name or was just babbling but it's better than either of his other top choices - Nibbles or Pink Milk, both of which he's been pretty adamant make good names. ~_~ Whew!

So... pics from today. Verity has officially been dubbed the object of Puppy Hero Worship. She's sported a small red shadow most of the day. ;-)

And is introducing her to the fine art of bikkie procurement.

We've got adorable down pat...


Derek said...

Hello there,
Thank you so much for taking care this baby for us. Kate gave me this blog address and we are so happy to see this baby girl is currently well taking care. We really do appreciated it.

Yes, Cami's new owner is one of my best friends. My name is Derek, Usually i am the communicator. I hope your boy will enjoy this little girl.

Once again, Thank you very much


aussienut said...

Oh - that last pic with Cami and La... it reminds me of Si and the fireplace piccie!!!

*sigh* - I hate everyone who has puppies... I have a 2yr itch ;) :p

HipbubbyMama said...

aww fluffy cuteness

Amanda O. said...

Hi Derek! I'm very glad to hear you're both able to be able to watch her grow up - I think you will be quite pleased with her, she is a sweet pup - she's asleep in my lap as I write actually. She's making a good start on freestacking, sit, going to her mat, potty on cue and socialization. My sever is acting up at the moment but I'll detail more of how she's going in the next few days here. Don't hesitate to let me know if you've got any questions or there's something in particular you'd like me to do/not do with her though or cue words you'd like me to use so you don't have to transfer the words over from English when she arrives.

Amanda, it is amazing how much she is like Sierra... she's even the same as her in how she learns! LOL I totally hear you on the 2 year itch as well, thank goodness Kate was kind enough to loan me her or else I'd have had to go get another and I'm not ready to choose lines etc yet! LOL