Tuesday, May 06, 2008


TWO MORE PEOPLE I know are pregnant. This makes them the millionty-bajillionth and millionty-billionth and first woman I know who is pregnant. I think there are maybe three people I know who have ovaries and are NOT pregnant. (So if you're one of those people and don't want to be pregnant maybe you should distance yourself! ;-p)

Were I a more superstitious person, I'd be paranoid the universe was taunting me...

OTOH the bob-tail thingie I wrote turned out pretty well and didn't need the nine tons of editing/discarding/rearranging I thought it'd need, so that went off better than I thought it might!

(Thursday, 8 May ETA - another one... milliontybillionth and two as of today...)


loz said...

Love and Hugs to you, such a trying time :( Sending you lots of sticky baby vibes

HipbubbyMama said...

NON pregnant person with ovaries sticks her hand up.. ;-)

"millionty-billionth"-what a fabulous measurement name!! I will have to tell Liam, he will love it too :D

Ok sending any random possible fertile vibes I may have your way-I neither need nor want them, so I hope they work for you :)