Friday, May 09, 2008

Sisi is SIX!

Poor Sisi... her birthday was actually 28 March but Sierra has a BAD mummy I forgot her 6th birthday all together until I was on facebook and refreshed the tickers I have there. *embarrassed* Rest assured, she'll be spoiled rotten to make up for it!

I actually really can't believe it's been six years... probably partly because she's still such a goofball! But still... six, when did that happen??? I remember going to pick her up. She was my motivation to get up and out after I'd just lost my hearing and balance/vision was crap, couldn't see straight, drop attacks, medications that did nothing but knock me out, dropped out of vet school which was devistating and relieving all at once. Thankfully I'm stable but at that point I couldn't walk and when I managed it resulted in my eyes swearing I was going straight through the middle of the door up until the point I splatted into the wall next to it and the doctors were muttering they didn't know if it'd ever get better. Cade, bless him, had a sighthounds sensibilities about going out (why, when the bed is so warm and comfy???) but Sierra, little scrap that she was quickly learned signs for cues without grumbling about how embarassing it was to be seen with someone signing or splatting into things. We went to puppy obed, agility, CGC and working with her kept me motivated to get up when I really, really, really didn't feel like it. How do you refuse a little wiggling bundle of Aussie pup like this asking to play??? I dare anyone to refuse that fuzz-face! She came with me to Australia of course and met a new country, new house, new family, new baby and new dogs with her trademark joie de vivre... such a good girl!

My first glimpse of the little fluff-puff, with her littermates. Sierra is the fluffkin on the far left.

First day home at 10 weeks... so much for the rambunctious Aussie puppy! Maybe this is why her breeder called her "Peace"???

A rare feral puppy moment, captured on film because otherwise we'd never believe we really saw it! She is the most freakishly GOOD dog I've ever met. She'd rather die than displease, lives by the spirit of the law (compared to my other shysters LOL) and if she could talk, her catchphrase would be, a very goody-two-shoes "Cuz my mummy said so!"

One of my favorite puppy pictures and a favorite sleeping pose for her in the warm days of summer... it started out with her sleeping up there and as she grew she just sort of spilled over!

Just days before she flew over to Australia I finally screwed up my courage to put us both in her first agility trials. Balance still a bit crappy but we managed and she pulled Q's and placements each time for her novice title. (This is United agility btw hence the two obsticals you can see here being different than AKC... and admittedly an super-easy course with heaps of time but still lots of fun...)

Si, being very tollerant of baby explorations... despite being a bowling ball of a dog usually, she was always very gentle with him while little.

Peeking out from under the gate... "I'm a good gurl mum, why can't I come?"

Politely listening to La's bossy "down, sit, gooooddd girl!" before he gives her a cookie.

One of my favorite "portrait" adult pictures I've taken of her - her ear always does the "one up, one down" thing!

She always looks as mad as a hatter running around! Still hyper as ever though... happy birthday (belated!) Sierra!

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Lucy C said...

This is a beautiful post.
And Sierra is a beautiful dog.
HBD Sierra.