Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Garden Progress

Just after the bob-cat has done it's bit... compare this pic to the ones from 18 April! The fence that continues from the left side of the picture to the road is gone (not pictured) and the area where the gate house and new path will be is plowed. Now I just need to finish the bricks, which I've not gotten up because La has had this weird cold-virus thingie and been Sir Clings-N-Sooks-A-Lot. Retainers need to be put up against the edge of the garden bed on the left. Once the bricks come up, we'll remove a thin layer of the existing dirt to make it level and low enough for the sand and gravel, brick edging and patterns.

I've not taken a picture from this vantage point before but basically the big tree limb on the left is the big sweet pittosporum (the tree La is sitting on in my 12 March post) so I'm standing roughly in the middle of the yard, facing to the right of the house. This is the first stage of shaping the trees... several pest trees were removed (and you can just barely see the bonfire in the center mid picture as a little red blip) and a bunch of work removing undergrowth. It looks absolutely fabulous!!! The trees will continue to be reshaped, suckers removed, deadwood removed and the edges of the garden beds redefined and dug so they're easier to go around on a mower and retain the mulch.

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