Monday, April 07, 2008

Scenes from the day

A captive audience is quickly acquired when there's a snack to be had.

but when the snack runs out the massages aren't half bad! (La is entraced in a Charlie & Lola episode...)

After a rowdy game of fetch the squeeky football (spikey thing near Hope's paws) it's time for kisses - which apparently tickle a lot!

A drowsy moment after a full day


aussienut said...

I just love these photos - shows the special relationship La and Hope clearly have!!! So sweet!!! As for Charlie and Lola - methinks La was telling me all about them at the fun day - he kept mentioning "charlie and...." I couldn't figure out what he said after that .... ROFL!

Amanda O. said...

I like them for the same reason! LOL

And yeah, it probably was Charlie and Lola. It tends to be pronounced as "Chah-wee a' 'na". As you (and everyone at the herding day today) surmised... it's a favorite topic! LOL