Friday, April 25, 2008

Lately I've been just so frusterated NOT being pregnant. Boy, I never thought I'd say those words! I went through La's pregnancy threatening to spay myself after if the doctors wouldn't - give me labor any day! But feeling a bit sad now as everyone around me seems to be sporting big beautiful baby bellies currently - including a number of people who didn't want or plan to. And then there's me, another month come and gone and feeling really just... empty and a teeny tiny bit jealous I'm not whinging about morning sickness as well. Granted I spend every day reminded how blessed I am with my beautiful boy, who is such a fun and loving little person (...never mind the 50 trillionth time I've finished mopping up the milk he dumped, when I'm reminded chubby-cheeked cuteness is a survival tactic...) and I'm feeling my typical autumn-reflection from spending so much time out in the garden in the sun and enjoying life... but in a sense that just reminds me how wonderful two would be yk?

The good news is Nic is (slowly) moving towards his drivers liscence. He's set himself up with more lessons and hopefully one of these decades is actually driving himself to work.

Those musings aside, today has been a very good day - a fair bit done here but also the day we went to look at a large set of aviaries hoping they'd be what I was looking for and at long last... yes, they WERE! :-D

I've been on the look out for a breeder selling out in the size/numbers I wanted since last year because it's literally a fraction of the price, where buying them new, having to custom order would be about $5-6K. X_x (I'd love to delude myself into thinking I had the skills to DIY but the reality is I am the LAST person who should ever consider such...) So a few days ago we located a parrot breeder who was moving and we bought a bank of ten. In a few weeks (allowing time for the current inhabitants to be sold and tearing down) I'll have a lovely bunch of ten colourbond aviaries, each 1.2 m W x 3.5m L x 2M high and housing a breeding team. I am SUPER chuffed! I loves my chookies~ LOL
Noice eh? (Hn. My internal voice is speaking in Michigan/Canadian Border Resident cross Bogan... too much wine, time for me to go to bed!)


Lucy C said...

Oh...morning sickness...I spent two hours yesterday talking about morning sickness.
I vomitted everday for 40 weeks...twice.
I wish we could have another one but then I remind myself of the vomit buckets that littered our house!
I too would do labour any day over morning sickness but I had easy labours.
Hope you get to get morning sickness soon.
Are you on FB?
I will go look now and send you a friend request.

Amanda O. said...

I know... I must be loosing my mind to wish for morning sickness. I had an AWFUL pregnancy with La... bad morning sickness and undiagnosed anemic to the point I couldn't stand up without passing out, felt so disoriented it was like being drugged, heartrate jumping around etc.

Yep, I'm on FB! I just got your invite, so I should show up!