Saturday, April 05, 2008

Sheepdog retreiver trials... coming to an arena near you?

The new sheep have had their first few sessions with a dog and they've done pretty well, they're light but not so light as to go flying at the merest suggestion of a dog.

They were Hope's first time on sheep in an embarrassingly long time (months and being the meanie I am I won't even let them fetch me the neigbors cattle...) and the first go went interestingly. I sent her out and she is doing semi-decent despite being a bit spazzed over being cooped up due to the nasty weather and finally having sheep here again. Never the less at one point, one of them dashes off and I sent her to go turn it around. The sheep is heading towards the dam, which was a favorite sheepy trick of the Texals, so I fully expected the sheep to go AROUND the dam. Nup. Not this sheep!


Straight off the little ridge and into the water. Huh. Didn't see that one coming! Two steps behind it, Hope did a good impression of a Labrador Retriever and launched in after it. (Argh! Why, why, WHY did I leave my camera inside!?!?!) Sheep attempted to evade, dog attempted to follow and after a few zig zags the sheep exited the other side and rejoined it's friends.

Maybe it's one of those things you have to be there but I was laughing all the way up at the sight they made and I reckon it'd be a cool new sport - sheepdog retriever trials! ;-p

Thankfully subsequent times out have been less eventful and the little black dog is even starting to *listen* when I tell her to cast BACK instead of coming all the way around to my side, doing fairly well heeling next to me until I release her, stopping (with sheep between me and her), sitting (again distance) and walking up slowly. Now if I could just push her out to go AROUND them instead of cutting in front of them or through them... LOL

Ah, so good to have sheep here again! The best part is these guys have the most lovely tempers to handle (up close, sans dog) and beautiful little ringlet fleece that should be lovely to spin!

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