Thursday, February 01, 2007

"Hey mum, thanks for buying me such fun toys! They sure were a blast to rip to pieces and spread everywhere!"

Unfortunately I don't have the ability to show ALL the deck, as there was a lot more mess than this shows! She ripped several 25 L bags of potting mix to pieces, spreading it from one end of the deck to the other, into Laurent's pool and down the steps. All I have to say is that the little stinker is LUCKY SHE'S CUTE!!! *mock outrage*

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aussienut said...

now you can't tell me that you stayed mad at her :P. Just look at her face :). I had much the same with Kinta last night/ this morning. I was too lazy to take them for a walk this morning and fell under the pretense that they were coming to work with me anyway.... well Kinta thought that wasn't good enough and dug a huge hole as well as ripping her bed to shreds *sigh*!