Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Interesting stuff...

Spent the day ploinking around playing with La and goofing off looking at interesting stuff on the net. I'm dealing with everything by not dealing with it... la de da! Mature? Nah. But I'm taking the day off. I'll go back to responsible-adult-looking-after-my-future tomorrow.

  • An implicit technology of generalization - complete paper on-line. Originally from Journal of Applied Behavioural Analysis in 1977 but still an intersting read. Snurched from one of my lists where the question of generalizing a behaviour (well, concept...) in humans was asked.
  • Unilateral hip dysplacia for dogs article
  • Pogostemon helferi - pretty plant, want to get some for my aquariums! I'm looking for tiny, tiny, fine leafed plants beyond the usual stuff for my nano tank! Even anubias v. nana and crypt wendtii are too big! Another plant I want Cladophora aegagropila. *drool*
  • Hope's half siblings , The Drinks Litter at 8 weeks! Lovely!
  • Hope's litterbrother overseas!
  • This is a Aussie I've liked for a long time... the way she's described reminds me of the dogs I grew up with and I think she's gorgeous to boot! I love the Roanoak dogs in general and have drooled over her for a few years!
  • And because I'm such a time-short, lazy arse I just FINALLY got Hope's pedigree up. Not fancy but functional. I might actually get her webpage done sometime before the next millenium! :rolls eyes:

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