Monday, February 05, 2007


Poor Lala. Poor Hope.

Both of them are cutting new teeth and neither are feeling good from it.

Laurent has been Sir Sookie Sooksalot of Grumpville over the past few weeks due to a third tooth on the bottom jaw cutting and a fourth working it's way up. He was almost sleeping through the night till this, just one short feed! Now we're back to very interrupted sleep! Remembering my own wisdom teeth, I can't blame him though!

Hope the past few days has lost several baby teeth, which I found 2 of and saw a 3rd get swallowed. She must have more as the whole way through breakfast I could barely hear these little whimpers every so often as she crunched her kibble. Lunch and dinner got soaked a bit in warm water. Half tempted to try the Calc Phos tissue salt homeopathic stuff and see if that helps her. La likes it but needs a panadol chaser when he's feeling those toothers especially badly.

My poor littlies... hopefully this passes soon for them!

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