Sunday, February 11, 2007

Ballarat show & B-day

I'm whipped so here's the highlights:
  • Went to sleep at 1:30 am
  • Got up at 6:15am, started bathing dogs because if you're going to bathe one you might as well do them all.
  • Left at 8:00
  • Arrived in Ballarat at 11:00
  • Show was SUPPOSED to start 12:00
  • Show started at 1:20ish, Judge Mr I. Hinde
  • Hope=Best Baby Puppy of Breed of 1 (lol) After being pretty calm previously today she bounced, pounced, leaped her way around the ring (hey, they're looking for movement right???lol), stopped to take a piddle, noticed the judge and had to give him kissies!
  • Almost got Best Baby Puppy in Group, judge was looking back and forth between her and the little ACD tyke and in the end chose him. Ah well! Pics below, me minus my jacket because it was too warm!
  • Had pizza and ice-cream for b-day dinner but we didn't get to go to any antique shops or stop anywhere else because the judging took so long and La was more whingey than he's been in um... ever.

L-R: Aust Cattledog, Me and Hope, Border Collie

Closer up one of the Wild Mexican Jumping Bean in a better behaved moment! ;-p

Congrats also go out to Hope's dad Courage who got Best of Breed, her half-brother (through sire) Myriahill Red River aka "River" who got BOB and half-sister (through her dam) Cuebiyar FollowURDream aka "Jahz" who had three first place qualifying rounds in agility, the last of which was done in less than HALF the allowed course time! :-D

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loz said...

Yay sounds like a great day we were in Ballarat this weekend too obviously not at the dog show though lol
Any word on the house?