Friday, February 23, 2007

Heads up! (Or shaved at least!)

That's right... I'm going to be shaving my head for The Worlds Greatest Shave to raise funds for leukemia this March. Anyone interested in pledging to this very worthy cause to see my hair get shaved off, go to and follow the prompts! Very easy to do! I'm registered under Amanda Orbitani in Victoria!

Had a nice day today, escaping the heat and having a lovely time watching Bubba Lala play at Amber's with Bryn and Sif. I'm really astounded at how verbal La is getting now. Not just words as such but using them to communicate and that he's taking it from single words to the beginnings of sentences. He's gathering words all the time on walks by toddling up to something and asking "Mum?" "Yes La?" "Mum, uts ah?" (what's that) and pointing to an object he wants named.

I found two songs I *really* like for Freestyle and would like to do routines with! "Imma Shine" by Youngbloodz and "Show Me The Money" by Petey Pablo. 'd need to focus a lot on my own dancing skills first... which suck... hazzard of being HoH and having a vestibular disorder I suppose. And have to admit I haven't trained the dogs much lately anyway because I'm just too obsessed/anxious... about what to do about this moving issue and how it's going to affect us financially to focus on anything else at the moment.

Had a lesson which I probably should have canceled because my head wasn't on that matter and my heart wasn't into it. I wasn't able to focus on the new material and was making really supremely bone-headed mistakes on the old stuff. My instructor was wondering what the heck I was doing because I was all over the map and we both KNOW I can do far better.

Have been chasing my proverbial tail in circles trying to figure out what to do with still no property on the market which fits the bill.

Move to a little place for till we find a place or land to build a house, then rent it out? But properties make less than 5% returns and that's not likely to cover the loan we'd have to take out on the eventual land/house when we find it. Buy and then sell again later, hoping it works better next time? Unless you stay 4-5 years, it's a money loss and the time frame makes that bad idea. Rent till we find a place? There is maybe 1-2 places who are okay with the animals but it's a huge money loss. Move to a nice place and give up the dream for the time being but that's not something I'll ultimately be happy with.

At the back of my mind during all of that is that if I'd not delayed that 24 extra hours in making an offer I wouldn't have to deal with any of this crap... I'd have a lovely, perfect home with everything I want.

And to add to the weird energy swirling around me at the moment, Nic, Mister City Slicker, the person who was adamant he'd never survive the country, was aghast when I suggested BLACKBURN because it was "so far out in the sticks!" and in the first 23 years of his life never ventured further from the City than MALVERN... has for no reason known to gods or man, done a turn around and is now as gung-ho over the country as I am, saying he really doesn't want to live in the suburbs, he totally hears what I was saying about the energy of wild places and the energy of the suburbs being stiffling etc. It's positively freaky! I keep having to resist the urge to poke him and check if he's a pod person.

And to end this post, I'm sending out HUGE RASPBERRIES to who has decided to delete photos posted by mothers of breastfeeding their infants as "publically indecent" and removing their accounts, while allowing photos of genuinely pornographic material to go unchecked. I'd been considering transferring my blog to Myspace. I will not be doing so and will be boycotting the site unless and until Myspace both reverses this badly thought out decision and issues a public apology for an action which only serves to harm and criminalize breast-feeding mothers and their children for the act of NOURISHING A CHILD by likening it to public indecency. On a personal note, Myspace should be ashamed of endorsing a policy of discrimination and one based on an attitude which mercifully expired many years ago and for which discrimination laws exist to protect mothers and children against such idiocy in every other area of life. Such persecution and discrimination should be abhorrent to every person because supporting the discrimination of one person or group of persons is no different than discriminating against people for their race, religion, sexual persuasion, gender or any other matter. Myspace: REVERSE YOUR POSITION AND APPOLOGISE TO BREASTFEEDING MOTHERS FOR CALLING THEM CRIMINALS!

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