Monday, February 19, 2007

When you're feeling a bit low, best therapy in the world is to watch three crazy dogs playing with one crazy kid and take lots of photos! LOL

Mister Bubby Lala insisting he can walk Cade all by himself thankyouverymuch!

Bum chums.

One of Cade... I'd really been looking forward to pictures in this park but because of the water restrictions the fountain and pond were drained. Still managed to get a few cute shots of Cade, who is 9 YEARS OLD on the 24th! I can hardly believe it... seems like yesterday he was a crazy, wired-for-sound, hell-fer-leather, devil-may-dare pup! (He was never what you might call a 'normal' IG! LOL)

A closer up shot of Emperor Cade, High Lord of the Stuffies, King of the Foodbowl! Believe it or not, the collar he's wearing is the one I made him as a pup! LOL Still wearing it, still fits!

A decent one of Sierra, though I liked the other picture I took of her better in terms of lighting, I cut her feet off. Lesson? ALWAYS CHECK YOUR FRAME! Der.

And last but not least, the hardest to photograph of the lot... Miss Hope! She is a pistol to get a good picture of because she isn't used to being my models as much as the others are - they listen when I say, "up, stay, move right, lay down, ears!" Plus everytime Laurent squeaked or waved she wanted to dash off to check-up on him (alien invaders might be stealing him youn understand) instead of sitting still!


aussienut said...

GREAT piccies!! Happy birthday to Cade - wow 9 already!!! Love the pic of La & Cade's bum ;-)

Sam said...

Cade looks in such great condition, look at that tiny little waist! Sierra is just a princess and I LOVE the photo of Hope lying down with her paws crossed - what a little lady :)