Saturday, February 10, 2007

No show today for me and Hope! Called the show secretary Friday and was told there was only one baby puppy bitch entered and 'twasn't mine. Apparently a few peoples were lost by the post according to the lady.

We are however going to the Ballarat show tomorrow! So at least I get to spend my birthday at a dog show! I plan to indulge myself and have junk-food I normally wouldn't: pepperoni pizza and cookies-n-cream ice cream and if I can find it a lemon-custard donut. I've been looking forward to that for 3 weeks now! LOL And on the way back we're going to meander around Ballarat, Castlemaine, Woodend and look at antique shops etc.

News on the house-front... (Recap, the people on the house we'd decided on jerked the house off the market unexpectedly just before signing the contract, I demonstrated my colourful vocabulary.) After skulking my way through Wednesday, we decided this was just too important and we'd asked Real Estate Dude to speak to them in a few days, hoping they'd reconsider. We gave him a nice juicy $25K hike in the offer as incentive. So RE Dude's called them up and asked to meet to discuss things and they agreed to meet with him. So..... we wait. Nic thinks it's a good sign, because if there was no way they'd reconsider, why agree to a talk with RE Dude? Me, I dunno. I refuse to speculate until they've signed the contract or told us to take a flying leap.
I do however feel it's all going to work out one way or another. Wednesday my mind played out every 'what if' scenario, uselessly chasing it's fictional tail in circles and well, let's just say none of the scenarios ended with, "and they all lived happily ever after" you know? Then I went to sleep, meditating using this big golden crystal I have as focus and just felt this tremendous sense that everything would work out somehow. I do believe that when you pray for something, you oughtn't simply request X object (delivered by Y date and giftwraped please...) but be open to the possibility that the universe might have something else in store for you, hence, "I'd like this house or for the right one to be revealed to me." I DO believe that. But. Um. I must admit, before I could stop myself a tiny, somewhat squeaky voice in my mind added... "but, um, I'd really like it if THIS one is the one that's right for us."

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