Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Shit shit SHIT...

It's said that under certain circumstances profanity provides relief denied even to prayer and this is one of those circumstances.

Morning started with Miss Hope getting into my pots of iris which I'd pulled up from the garden and put into pots to bring with us. She's dug them up, chewed half of them, scattered them all over the yard. Over a hundred iris. I found her IN one pot, bum hanging over the back, chest/shoulders hanging over the front and legs working furiously while muddy potting mix flew. It would have been absurdly comical if it weren't my precious iris she was destroying. She did this in maybe 15? minutes outside unsupervised, when I went to the bathroom and then changed La's nappy. Seriously NOT happy, most of them are Tempo Two iris, so they're pedigreed... or were... the tags are all ripped and chewed now, so who knows what's what. None of them were inexpensive and at least half of them are ones we inherited from Nic's mum making it worse. Not mad at the dog, she's just being a dog and doing puppy stuff... but seriously kicking myself for leaving them in a situation where she could get to them. Stupid, stupid, stupid! I've put cinnamon powder on them and replanted most but who knows if they'll survive. *cries*

Then, we just got a call from the real estate agent 6pm. A few days back we'd put in an offer and were in the middle of negotiations, basically just waiting for them to finish sign papers. He calls today and says they've changed their mind, they're withdrawing the property from the market. I am so freaking upset I can't see straight. I'm sick of having my emotions yanked every which way. I'm sick of feeling up in the air with the date of our settlement coming up in a relatively short amount of time. If we don't want to rent (and with 3 dogs, cat, birds, 2 ferrets and a child we DON'T) we need to basically get a house NOW. It took us forever to find the right house, it's gorgeous, period house, land, views to die for, close to town, close to a bus, even the freaking colour scheme being GREEN inside and out and had SHEEP... and now when it seemed a done deal, it's just jerked out from under us. I'm done being a grown-up... this is unfair and I want to cry and scream and kick up a big tanty, except all I feel right now is this vague numbness. I don't even have words for what I'm feeling at the moment... well, except the above mentioned profane ones. *sigh* Those do seem to fit even if they look awful.


aussienut said...

oh man,

I'm so sorry that the house fell through! Why on earth would they withdraw at such a late date?!!!! How frustrating!!! Not to mention Hope demolishing your 'prized' iris'. Mind you the picture you paint is pretty funny :P. I hope it all works out ok ie: irises revive AND the silly people who own the house realise they were half stupid and will let you buy the property in the end!

loz said...

Hugs Hugs that sucks big time :(