Monday, January 29, 2007

Looking at what shows to enter Hope in tonight, since the next batch of deadlines are coming up and I want her to have as much experience as possible while still a youngin', I came to a realization. Ready for it? Shows are on Sundays. (I know, mind-blowing isn't it?) So is Sierra's obedience when it restarts. Bugger.

I'm sure it just highlights what an utter blond I am not to realize this before now but there you have it. I've also been thinking a bit more about what areas of sports I want to concentrate on. Having had "tastes" of each of the sports I'm interested in over the past year and a bit I'm having to prioritize. I can still do other stuff later when money and bubbys allow more.

For Hope, the first bit is easy: conformation showing. Secondary to that we've just started negotiations, so come April the dogs will be gainfully employed working stockdogs and expected to help with chores on our farm. *snoopy dances* Last will be Freestyle, which we'll be able to work on independently among the level IV's. Since it's on the same night as Sierra's Friday Level II class, it saves on petrol (level I was only on Wednesday nights this time) and at $5 a week it's an inexpensive solution to puppy-training and socialization. So that eliminates the issue of puppy class for her, one of which was too expensive and the other of which was on a bad day/time and would mean having to budget for an additional night of driving a fair ways. Sad about that but what can you do?

For Sierra, the first two will be of course Freestyle and helping me deal with the sheep. The last will be agility which is why I signed on to the comp obed wagon in the first place... they require you to have gone through their obedience classes to a novice level before they'll let you do agility. However, since we won't be that terribly far from KCC, I'm toying with the idea of looking into the classes there.

Anyhow... shows:
Pet & Animal Expo on the 3rd & 4th
Classic Dog Show on the 10th
Ballarat Dog Show on the 11th (my birthday! could there be a better way to spend it?)
Lyndhurst Canine Country Club on the 17th at KCC (can't remember if I entered this or not... bubby ate my checkstubs :-?
Berwick All Breeds KC on the 25th at KCC

Then in March it looks like there's a LOT of double/long weekend shows! Wonder if they allow camping on the grounds or have a motel nearby? Thinking about Bendigo KC/Eaglehawk KC in Bendigo's showgrounds on March 3-4 but may pass on those for the double weekend shows in Noorat on the 10th and 11th... and the Camperdown at Noorat on the 12th.
18th Yarra Glen at KCC (double show again)
24th Eltham & District at KCC

Still deciding on ones after that because I like the idea of country shows but need to know where in the country they are first! ;-) Must find my map tomorrow!


aussienut said...

So I take it the house is a fairly definite thing? I hear what you are saying about everything clashing! I often have the same problem. Add to that the fact that I instruct most Sundays really ties me down! Luckily I've organised to have an 'assistant' instructor who can take over when i'm not there and vice versa..... the only downside is that she is an obedience/agility competitor too!!! LOL! Basically my aim is to have one obed & one agility trial a month and fill the rest with shows :P.

I'll see you at the Expo, possibly classic dog show (where is it? Showgrounds?) - i'm entered but may be 'donating' Kinta to Ana for the day! March shows i'll be at the Yarra Glen and Eltham shows :).

See you at the expo - Both my doggies are entered and hopefully Leo will strut his stuff and walk away with at least a NIG! LOL!

Amanda O. said...

X-ing fingers the house *should* go through fine!

The schedule clashing thing sucks... I need to clone myself I think! ;-p

See you at the Expo... we'll cross fingers for Leo to get a NIG (hey, NIS) but I can't see how he wouldn't when he's such a charmer! And yes the Classic is at the Showgrounds. :-)