Saturday, January 27, 2007

Just a brief little post, to say...

I think we've found our house! We went back out to see the Green house again and I have to say I'm really sold on the place! It's just soooo gorgeous and with the forest all around it's got such a magical fairy-tale atmosphere. I'm so excited I just want to move right now and invite everyone out to see how cool it is!

There are a few things to do... eventually we'll add a third bedroom onto the main level when we have bubba number two. And I got to scout the sheeps paddocks today. The story is that the people who had it built were quite savy, did a nice job designing and made a nice start, but then they sold it to the current owners who are retired yuppies who had rather romantic ideas of what it would entail and haven't managed the pastures as well as they might, haven't really maintained the gardens (ex-nursery sight) etc.

So I have a crap-load of blackberries and bramble to clear and a couple of places I want to re-work the sheep fencing. IE gate on the end of second pasture leading to pasture 3 (currently you have to take them back out the other end of 2 and all the way down to pasture 3) and fence in the sides of pasture 3 which are only fenced along the neighbors boundry so the sheep are currently "on their honor" not to meander.

BUT it's so beautiful and I'm sooo excited! Just wait till the sheepdogs get to be real sheepdogs everyday! :-)


aussienut said...

ooh - it sounds soo nice!! I'll be camping there often! Good luck and hope all turns out wel with it :)

Amanda O. said...

Well we ought to have at least one guest bedroom, so you're more than welcome! Just bring good boots... ;-)