Tuesday, January 02, 2007

The past week or so Hope's had little leaks throughout the day. This wouldn't be completely atypical in a dog her age, sometimes you see submissive urination or excitement urination in youngsters but this really didn't seem to be either. No apparent irritation or excessive licking, no scalding, she's eatting and drinking fine, acting like her normal self, she's in tact so of course spay incontience isn't an issue and the amounts were small enough that a prolapse wasn't a concern. She's got a mild temperature, so infection is suspected in the neck of the bladder. She'd already gone so we couldn't do a needle aspiration and Dr. Kohler recomended just waiting a week to see if it resolved so we didn't need to put her on antibiotics unnecssarily. Meanwhile we follow her with a mop... ;-p

We also had a run in with a VERY scarey (in Hope's opinion) Golden Retriever. As far as I could tell the Golden was the steriotype of his breed: gentle, mild-mannered and not even paying any attention to her while he swished along aside his owner but according to Hope those big, yellow, fluffy things are frea-ky!!! We were walking ahead of them and she kept looking back, eyeballing him and barrooo-roooing 3x. She's never seen a Golden type dog and hasn't, due to the holiday season, been in puppy preschool so she's not been around every type of dog there is yet. She's fine with BC's and Greyhound/Whippet looking dogs, even Collies and ACD's don't merit much attention, though little white malti-shi-apoo types seem to puzzle her. ("It's a dog? REALLY?!? You sure mum? It doesn't look like a dog...")

Note to self: must socialize her around more dogs of different breeds! LOL I need to find older bossy bitches to expose her to, fluff-ball of a pup that she is, she still is more pushy than either Cade or Sierra and has been getting a bit big for her britches lately! Managed well, she'll turn into a wise elder bitch, a useful leader and a great puppy-manners teacher... the kind most dog people know are worth their weight in gold for teaching pups the in's and out's of canine social graces as there are some things humans just can't do. Allowed to run rough-shod though, she'll lack the diplomacy to do so and just be a royal brat! LOL


aussienut said...

I hope that Hope gets better soon Amanda!!! As for needing an older bossy dog to tell her off - I certianly don't have one!! Kinta was playing with her 'niece' (12wks old) on the weekend.... from one of the litters I was looking at.... within 10mins Kinta was on her back and the pup was sitting ontop of her.... somehow I don't think that is what you are looking for :P. Mind you she'll stand her ground if she needs to!

As for strange things - Kinta still does a little bit of that with some people, but 99% of the time she is fine with meeting people now. Usually it is people my age who are acting silly! Took her out on NYE to a friends place and after about 10mins (not too much food either, just happy voices) she was best friends with both males there! So def. on the improve!

LOL at the white fluffies :P

Cabrissi Tea said...

I know, I rather figured she was going to be a pushy critter when at 12 weeks old she was backing C & S off their bowls with a hairy eye from across the deck, without ever leaving her spot.

They do seem to have rescinded her puppy liscence recently though, as they're getting stricter on what's tollerated and what's NOT. She respects Cade a LOT more than Sierra. The body language is fascinating to watch as it's obviously deliberate, cooperative and controled instruction on all their parts!

HipbubbyMama said...

Feel free to bring her round to socialise with Cerbi **evil grin***


Cabrissi said...

Oh that is evil Jayne! But has Cerbi had a sex change recently I'm unaware of??? ;-)

HipbubbyMama said...

hey dont be so discriminatory!!! :P :D

Cabrissi said...


Not discriminatory, it's just that most males like to pretend they're the ones in charges, when push comes to shove they ultimately know the bitch owns their oxygen permits. Cade disciplines her now because she's a puppy and because of that fairly gender neutral. Once more hormones hit... fergedaboutit!

A firm-but-fair mature bitch with good communication, social diplomacy and leadership skills is the very BEST teacher you could have for a pup. Lack of these and social isolation is why you see so many dog-dog issues on walks or in dog-parks... they never learned to communicate in the dogs natural language and interact correctly with other dogs.