Sunday, January 07, 2007

Well it appears what was sold to me as a purebred Australian Shepherd, is in fact part PIG.

Hope's crate wasn't securely latched last night as she escaped and broke into the bathroom. We found her half dozing, half pathetically attempting to swallow a few last pieces of kitten food before we got there to take it away.

The glutton consumed 1.5 KILOS!!! (Not a typo, that's 1.5kg!) She apparently consumed as much as possible, dozed off on the bag when her stomach couldn't physically fit one more bit, woke when she heard us coming and resumed attempts to cram more in her still too-full stomach. Her stomach seriously looked like a beachball... just this HUGE, round, gut hanging - visibly sagging - on four gawky puppy legs.

She's fine, if gassy... and completely unrepentant. So full she could hardly move, she still waddled over to make googly-eyes at our breakfast. By tea and lunch she was seriously offended and we've not yet broke the news she's skipping dinner.

Still looking at unis to see if I can find what I want. If not, maybe I can just take some of the courses seperately (as in, not for a degree... which would suck) or maybe they let you do online stuff internationally? It's either that or move back which I'm not super keen on.

Found two more houses we're going to look at when they're on market, these two in The Patch out Belgrave way. This one on almost 5 acres at $465+ (and check it, the house is GREEN, inside and out!!! LOL) and this one on an acre, which is a pretty Federation style which is $520K+. Need to read up on the area, geostability, water/electricity/services/rates, how far it is from train-station, look at if the area is nice/yobbo and if it's got the making for a decent kennel, dog runs, agility yard, sheep, chooks, bubba space and veggie patch. But look at those mountain views... it's pretty anyhow!!! ;-) Looked at another in Blackburn (very nice but small room sizes and asking high $500's/low $600's!) and making an appt. for a 2nd in Blackburn too.


aussienut said...

oooh I know that area!!!! Its soo pretty up there! I'm jealous! Can I come live with u? Hope is just a little imp isn't she?! As for me, Kinta has figured out how to knock our shoe rack down to take all the shoes and have a great time chewing them all!!! found 4 shoes in her crate and the rest spread all over the yard! We were VERY proud of ourselves :D

Sif said...

How long have you guys got to find a place and move in?

Been trying to get you on msn for a chat, not having much luck, LOL...

Cabrissi said...

Amanda, well you're certainly welcome to come out any time if we do move out that way! Especially when we get sheep and ducks to play herding dogs with and a big agility yard! ;-) Hope is DEFINITELY an imp but she's so cute and SO smart you can't be upset! I've been horribly lax w/ holidays but she seriously learned to do leg-weaves last night in about 5 minutes, free-shaped w plain kibble outside Safeway while waiting for N & L to get out!

I hope those shoes Kinta got weren't too expensive! (Hope recomends leather for chewing pleasure and texture! *lol*)

Hi Sif, We have a 150 day settlement, so it's early April that we have to hand over the house. Of course the people we buy from will have a settlement too, so if we don't want to end up renting (and with 3 dogs, 1 cat, 2 ferrets, 4 birds and a toddler - we DON'T! LOL) we have to get this all underway asap. We've some squiggle room but not heaps.

Sorry about MSN, I'm jumping on only to have to jump off these days it seems like or Nic has the comp looking at careers/better jobs than the current one.

Oh and La's shoes you asked about at Amber's Playhouse... the website is Last seasons shoes have better colours imo but aren't shown on the site. Still in many shops tho. They have a list of suppliers there but the one I got Laurent's from isn't listed as it's new. It's Mandarino Shoes for Kids on 260 Glenferrie Rd, Malvern ph: (03) 9500 2422