Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Stuff From Today

Laurent apparently likes beets. Who knew? His whole face is stained red from his enthusiasm.

I have been trying to incorporate some of the Montessori 'practical life' attitude and letting Laurent help as much as possible. He's really quite taken with it and today has "helped" me carry his breakfast plate and cup from the dining room to the kitchen, 'select' his banan, 'carry' the milk jug for me (well, tumble it out of the bottom of the fridge anyhow). He helped me hang the clean laundry back up by flipping through the pile, picking something up and presenting it to me. (Which though I know I'm looking to do all of my shirts, then all my skirts, all of Nic's stuff etc. it probably looks like I'm randomly flipping through to La.)

And he's apparently helping me when I vaccume as well.... while I vaccumed, he grabbed the wand extension and began moving it back and forth making "vaccume" sucking sounds, complete with the occasional "thhhphh!" of a bunch of doghair being sucked up! ROTFLMAO!

The downside: Sir Wiggly Wigglesalot has also discovered he can take his pants and nappy O-F-F. He spent the morning sans pants. He spent the afternoon nudie-bum in only the t-shirt, socks and shoes after a dozen re-nappyings resulting in the tabs being torn.

I have officially HAD IT with not having a brain. I cannot - and I am being quite literal here - remember things for more than 5 minutes. It's completely driving me batty and interfering with my ability to get things done! I don't know if it's low iron from Meniere's or infection from this tooth is causing short-term memory to be shot or it's a hormone thing from breastfeeding or just plain over-stressed and sleep depribed (though I'm getting more sleep than I have since before La was born now!) but I am seriously OVER waking up more tired than when I went to sleep... and NO memory. It's beyond normal scattered-brainness but I'm not sure who I'd see? Doctors? With the symptoms being general exhaustion and lack-brainness, they'll tell me to get more rest and try not to worry. BTDT. I haven't had the best luck with naturopaths/homeopaths etc and quite frankly don't have the money to be blowing on something that provides no tangible results.

The latest victim to my memory: I forgot to get the full set of dental x-rays I was supposed to before having my wisdom teeth removed. Surgery was supposed to be tomorrow but will now have to be put off further, which I don't need as I already spent the week psyching myself up to deal with the idea of dentists (ickIhatedentistsICK) and surgery (super-creepy-I-hate-dentists-and-the-thought-of-surgery-makes-me-queasy-paranoid-thoughts-level ICK) and now it's for nothing, plus I've got to hope they're not going to charge us for canceling at the last moment! X-/ Not to mention how expensive it is! Turns out Nic didn't ASK if they do payment plans like I told him to when he called them up in the first place as well... eep! I don't even wanna KNOW how much it's going to cost... $200 just for the evaluation, plus 2 xrays last time!

Money is also quite frusterating atm. With Nic not having worked over Xmas and overspending on gifts for his friends (who are single and don't have tons of bills and a family to worry about and so can afford to spend lots on gifts and expensive dinners out, unlike Nic, despite his doing so) money is super tight, which of course means I have to have this big honking dental bill, car rego, rates, taxes etc. To add to it, they are really diddling around with his commissions coming through! Standard pay comes through fine but commissions are months behind with NO accountability because half the office is in freaking SA and don't bother to report to the Vic office, even when it's the Vic office setting their contracts for them AND the guy in charge of taking care of it in the Vic office doesn't CARE about business-to-business, only residential... he only took over B-t-B because it adds a stripe on his arm and knows nothing about it or how to run it! Argh!

It seriously sucks that everything is so darn expensive! It also means unfortunately the puppy cla$$ I was looking at for Hope is nixed. It's a GREAT class, esp since I can't seem to get her to Croyden and she needs the socialization asap - but it's $400! (18 weeks, so it's actually good value, it's just way out of budget!) The casual class is $120 + a $50 initial eval/private which is much better but still out of budget atm. She does need the socialization though, she baroo-rooed at a dog at the vets today again, this time a chocolate labradoodle. And there is a Tellington-Touch workshop I want to go to which is probalby also out of budget at $100...

****crosses fingers I find a winning Tatt's ticket tomorrow****

The good thing is that having played with Hope, Cade and Sierra in training recently after my slacker-style holidays I'm continually amused how SMART Hope is! While we were waiting for Nic and La to get out from Safeway, I diddled around with teaching her a leg-weave. BINGO. Five minutes. Seriously smart little girlie!


Sif said...

Ouch! I'd definitely find out how much that surgery is before getting it done, it's going to be a couple of grand I reckon!

So, does this mean you can come to Amber's on Friday?

aussienut said...

grrr... I thought I posted a comment before but it hasn't come through!

About the wisdom teeth - take it from someone who has a phobia of needles, dentists and surgery.... It honestly isn't all that bad! whats worse is the psyching you do beforehand!

La sounds like he is a big 'help' around the place *g*!

Can't help with the scatterbrain stuff unfortunately.

I just saw on the CDODC web page that all puppy classes are free so you can book now - that would mean direct entry and only an extra $30 p.a. And you could end up with a really cool instructor....ME! LOL! Honestly, the classes are actually really good. Give them another call and see. I've got 2 get Kinta out for some more pplz social... are you coming to KCC on the w/end?

Definately can relate to the money issue... completely maxed out my C/C this month... what with puppy things, xmas and catching up with friends and not looking like a cheap a**..... ouch! LOL!