Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Well after all my worrying, surgery was a cinch. Jeeze... I got topical to numb the area before they did the locals, two rounds of locals after the first didn't provide full numbing, closed my eyes, heard a pop and DONE. I thought they were just inserting a spacer or something when I was tapped on the shoulder and asked, "Well that was easy wasn't it?" Sheesh, I knew it wasn't going to be as bad as my worries but that was just positively anticlimatic!

On the other hand, the tooth was DEFINITELY in need of coming out! Nic said I was exadgerating, he had a chip once and knows that they always feel huge but end up being really tiny. Well, for those who aren't squeemish, take a look!

The yellow bit on top is the 'root', while the thin white edge over the big gaping hole is the actual 'tooth' that showed. About 3/4 or more of the enamel is simply missing with the pulp (the dark stuff) completely exposed. I can't believe it didn't hurt - it looks like it should have hurt... but it didn't, not once! I'm *hoping* this is what was causing the tired/lack-brainness - constant low grade infection - and now that it's out, it'll be resolved.

The price wasn't horrible - they only took the one that was cracked out, so it was $160 including pain meds and something for anxiety beforehand. They were also willing to do a payment plan so that was cool. (And yeah Sif, I'm totally good to come to Amber's on Friday)

Amanda, I can't believe that all the puppy classes are free and NO ONE called!!! *wails dramatically* We put Hope on the waiting list for puppy class and specifically said if possible I'd like to be in your class - in OCTOBER!!! No one has called! I know your class would be ace and I know I wouldn't have to worry about arguing clicker w/ you *VBG* but I figured she needs to get into one and I can't wait and wait and wait until CDODC has an opening if it's going to be like that. I will say, that as expensive as the other lady is, I've seen her classes and they are run nicely as well and would be closer atm.

Hey if you want to get Kinta more people socialization, Hope, La and I are always up for that. We could always head down to one of the shopping strips or the city at some point. Yeah, planning to come to KCC on the weekend... Hope is decent with people (thinks they're all there to meet her actually... *rolls*) but dogs are another matter and I intend to nip that in the bud!

Meanwhile, I've got a consolation prize for my sore jaw - my new shiney Clicker Expo DVD arrived in the mail this morning! (It's a late arriving Christmas prezzie!) I have to see if I can find a script for it though... they recorded sound off the camera's mic rather than one attached to the speakers and of course the camera is at the back of the audience, so the sound quality is very poor which is terribly disappointing for what it costs. There's no subtitles and they're panned out far enough I can't lip read even if the speaker did stay in one spot and the camera person could decide on what lighting setting to use! At least Steve White is clear and precise enough I can tell what he's saying but everyone else is impossible! X-o


aussienut said...

LOL - give CDODC another call if you are still interested *g*! Well i'm heading down to the city on Sunday arvo (probably between 12 &4 or something).... fancy bumping into each other? I'm bringing the oldies I believe so when I know where/what we are doing i'll let ya know!

Sif said...

Oh, LOL [sheepish grin] obviously I was thinking of some other kind of surgery when I said it might cost a couple grand... Not a simple tooth extraction.

I've got two teeth that need extracting, and I'm such a wuss I can't face getting it done, but really I should follow your example!

See you tomorrow!

loz said...

So glad it was very easy I have been looking into laser dental as while I love my dentist for most things as I barely feel anything I also need some wisdoms out and I bled horribly last time I had a tooth taken out under the gum!

We will be there tomorrow too after umming about it lol